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Welcome to the Gnosis Link. Every issue usually contains the words of Master Samael Aun Weor on the topic of the month and an essay on this topic submitted by a Gnostic student with illustrations and oftentimes poetry and book reviews.

Past Issues:


February: Valentine's Day focus

March: Sacrifice

April: The Esoteric Symbolism of Easter

May: Mother's Day

June: Father's Day

July: Authentic Liberty

August: Conversing with Mother Earth

September: The Ninth Sphere

October: The Sacred Power of Plants

November: Thanksgiving vs Giving Thanks

December: The Esoteric Meaning of Christmas


January: The New Year and its Kabbalistic Meaning

February: The Age of Aquarius

March: Celestial Mechanics and the Times of the End

April: The Tree of Life and the Christic Force

May: Binah: The Holy Spirit and the Cosmic Mother

June: Kether: The Father

July: The Astral Travel Experience

August: Astral Travel II



April: The Law of Karma

May: The Yoga of the Dream State

June: Dream Yoga II

July: True Liberty

August: Astrology of the Heart

September: Elemental Magic

October: Imagination and Clairvoyance

November: Imagination and Clairvoyance II

December: Inspiration



January: Intuition

February: Meditation and Intuition

March: Esoteric Discipline of the Mind

April: The Erroneous Functioning of the Five Centers

May: The Erroneous Functioning of the Five Centers II

June: The Erroneous Functioning of the Motor Center

July: The Erroneous Functioning of the Instinctive Center

August: The Erroneous Functioning of the Sexual Center

September: The Need to Change Our Way of Thinking



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