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Welcome to our May issue celebrating Mother's Day




The Eternal Feminine Principle

Why We Celebrate Mother's Day

Our Particular Divine Mother and the Tarot

Poetry: Fragments from ancient Gnostic texts


We hope you like this issue which celebrates the month of May, Mother's Day. In the Gnostic teachings, "mother" stands for so much more than one day out of the year. We always keep in mind the importance of the Eternal Feminine Principle in the Gnostic esoteric work both for the daily work on oneself in self-remembering and self-observation and in the alchemical work on the dissolution of the psychological ego. We have included an article excerpted from Master Samael's writings and an article submitted by a student on why we really celebrate Mother's Day. In the art gallery, we have representations of the cosmic mother and our particular divine mother from the Egyptian Tarot. Last, but not least, we include a poem from ancient Gnostic writings that speak of Eygptian goddesses. Let us remember that the writings of ancient Gnosticism were discovered in Egypt.

There is a lot that can be said on this topic and especially in the alchemical and transmutation aspect. So, keep visiting us as we continue expanding on the topics we have seen so far and other new topics.

We appreciate your e-mails. Keep them coming!. From time to time we will include in this section, some of your letters. Also look out for our new section beginning with the next issue on "The Gnostic Toolkit-Tools for Daily Living."

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The Eternal Feminine Principle

"Each of us has his Individual, Particular Divine Mother. She, in herself, is a part of our Being, but a derived part. All ancient people adored God-Mother. That Eternal Feminine Principle is Isis, Mary, Tonantzin, Cybele, Rhea, Adonia, Insoberta, etc. If in the mere physical world we have a father and a mother, in the most profound part of our Being we also have our Father who is in Secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini. There are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are men on Earth. God-Mother, in our own interior, is the feminine aspect of the Father who is in secret."

If we carry out a retrospection of that woman that rocked us in our cradle and breastfed us when we were babies, there we will find a poem lived very intimately, in a profound and natural manner, a poem of an extraordinary simplicity and a greatness that always goes unnoticed by all those "humanoids" that have their consciousness asleep.

I want you to be conscious of what that living verse is, what that ineffable melody of the Eternal Feminine principle is. The great Mother is too compassionate when she gives us this verse without us deserving it, after we have been perverse, after we have dragged ourselves in the mud of the earth, life after life.

We die and then we return to be rocked in a cradle without deserving it, to be loved by someone who only sees in us hope, to be guided by her who is wholly love. It seems paradoxical and it would not have an explanation if the All Merciful, the Eternal Cosmic Common Father or Aelohim, as the ancients called him, did not exist.

If we go back a little through the course of the years, we will be able (through awakening) to remember the mother that we had in our past existence. We will see ourselves there once more, in a cradle; the lullabies of the person who had hope in us would come to our ears. We would see ourselves taking our first steps, held by her and if we continue the retrospective exercise, we would remember not only the previous existence, but also the one before that. We will have to find ourselves in one of those poems, with a childhood lullaby, in a crib. And in this manner, continuing in a retrospective manner, going backwards, from century to century, from era to era, we will be able to hear the same songs, the same lullabies, to feel the Eternal Feminine always loving us, carrying us in her arms, breastfeeding us, pampering us.

All those mothers that we have had throughout innumerable births... it seems as if they would have definitely been lost in time; however, truthfully, all of them are the living expression of the Great Cosmic Mother. In the eyes of our Devi Kundalini Shakti, our individual, particular Cosmic Mother, we see the glow of all the eyes of the innumerable mothers that we have had in the past. In her (our Divine Mother Kundalini), in her (our particular Isis), are represented all those dear mothers that have loved us throughout countless centuries. This is the reason why we should really love our Cosmic Mother, the living representation of the Eternal Feminine Principle. All the dear mothers that have seen to us throughout the course of history, all of them that sang lullabies to us, all those that fed us, are, deep down, one and the same: Isis (whom no mortal has ever yet unveiled), Neith, the Blessed God-Mother of the World. If we think about that Eternal Feminine Principle, about God-Mother, we see that our particular God-Mother is a Ray of that Blessed God-Mother of the World.

In this manner, then, the Eternal Feminine Principle that has seen to our needs throughout so many centuries, that has rocked us in so many cradles, is she: our Divine Mother. All the dear mothers we have had, all the mothers we have had throughout diverse eras are personified in her. Fortunately, we have not lost them, they have remained in our Divine Mother.

And in what manner can we come closer to our Divine Mother? Before anything else, dear brothers, learning to love our earthly mother (as the starting point) since she is the living representation of the Eternal Feminine Principle; learning to love all the dear mothers of the world. And when it comes to us males, learning to see in each woman a mother, to see in them the living representation of the Eternal Feminine Principle, because if we see a woman and the first thing that comes to mind is lust,...then we are insulting the Eternal Feminine Principle, ...we are ill-treating the being who is wholly love. Let us reflect my dear brothers, let us reflect... Let us make ourselves worthy, if we really and truly want to walk with Devi Kundalini Shakti. Then our hearts, aglow with love, will come close to her and she to us.

If people had their consciousness awaken, they would know how to appreciate that being who is the mother; however, people have their consciousness asleep and because of this are incapable of really appreciating the being who is the mother. It is necessary then to become more conscious each time of what the Eternal Feminine Principle is.

by Samael Aun Weor

From ""The Eternal Feminine Principle"


Why We Celebrate Mother's Day


Mother's Day is a holiday celebrated annually in several countries during the middle of May. It is a day to remember the mothers of the world, and to honor them for the labors and sacrifices they selflessly go through for the benefit of their children. In many countries there is not a Mother's Day but rather a "Women's Day," when all women, regardless of motherhood, are recognized. What most people are unaware of is that in addition to their physical mother they also have their Inner Mother, the Divine Feminine Principle, within them. It is important to realize that on Mother's Day we should remember and thank our Inner Divine Mother as well as our physical mother.

In present-day Christianity, as in most major religions found in the world, the Divine Feminine Principle is overlooked. Most priests, pastors, reverends, etc. are male; in addition, the primary holy figure in these religions is male - Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. Over the years religions have tended to suppress or even completely forget the female principle, although in the esoteric aspect of these religions the feminine principle remained alive and active. A religion takes archetypal principles and gives them form specific to the society and culture it is part of. The Divine Feminine Principle is the archetype that refers to "God as Mother," just as there is another principle representing "God as Father." All ancient civilizations adored the Eternal Feminine Principle, and in all their religions there was a figure representing the Divine Feminine: Mary, Isis, Tonantzin, Cybele, Adonia, etc. Even nature itself is often represented as a mother - thus the term "Mother Nature."

Gnosis places great importance on the Divine Feminine Principle. It is a principle found within every human being. In the same way that each of us has his or her own particular physical mother, we each have our own individual Divine Mother as well. She is a part of our Being, residing in the internal worlds of each person's heart center. It is said that there are as many Mothers in heaven as there are beings who live on the face of the earth. The fact that the Divine Mother exists individually within each human being was not taught exoterically to the masses, but was only taught in secret to initiates of mystery schools throughout the world. Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved" was not a physical woman, but rather his own Inner Divine Mother.

Our Cosmic Mother possesses great wisdom, power, and love, and she is vitally important to our inner work. She is beyond the body, the affections, and the mind. She is, by herself, an igneous power vastly superior to the mind, and it is said that in Her resides absolute perfection.

Self-realization is impossible without eliminating the psychological ego, the summation of all those negative psychological elements that exist within our psyche and stunt our inner growth. The elimination of these defects requires a power greater than the mind, and our Divine Mother is precisely that power. Only She has the power to disintegrate a psychological defect, provided we have previously comprehended it through in-depth meditation. Only with the help of our Divine Mother is it possible to transmute the sexual energies and awaken the Kundalini during the alchemical work, in order for our solar bodies to be created and our inner powers to be awakened.

We should often pray to our Divine Mother, asking her to help us continually in our inner work. Without her constant help it is easy to stray from the path and be "swallowed" by everyday life. Prayer to our Divine Mother should not follow a specific formula. Rather it should be simple and natural, just like a child who speaks to its mother doesn't use a special formula. The child just says what comes from the heart and that is all. In profound meditation we can communicate directly with our Divine Mother, asking her to help us overcome the obstacles standing in our way. Our Cosmic Mother doesn't have a particular form, but likes to take up some form when she appears before us. She can appear as Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Mary, Tonantzin, etc. Or, she can appear to us, in dreams, as our own physical mother or grandmother. If we are sincere with our petitions, it is certain that She will grant us the help we are seeking.

Thus we see that, although known only by a few, our Divine Mother plays an indispensible role in our inner development. By forgetting Her and Her role we march towards definite spiritual failure, even if our intentions are sincere. In the words of Master Samael: "It becomes necessary to be upright, to understand the need for returning to the original point of departure, to the infancy of the mind and heart. There is only one path, to appeal to our Divine Mother, to know how to really love our Divine Mother, to comprehend her. We should identify ourselves more and more each time with the Eternal Feminine Principle."

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In the spiritual field, two is the Divine Mother who is the unfoldment of the Father. In the Father and in the Mother Kundalini we see two columns Jakin and Boaz which are the two columns that support the Temple.

The veil means that the secrets of Mother Nature are hidden from the profane and that only the initiate, after incessant purifications and meditations, can unveil. Thou should be brave and lift the veil of Isis.





The number three is the Empress, the Divine Light, Light in itself, is the Divine Mother. It is also the number of the Third Logos which dominates in all types of creation, it is the rhythm of the Creator. The Celestial Mother in the material field means material productivity and likewise in the spiritual field, she means spiritual productivity.

The Divine Mother, Arcane #3 is the Particular Mother of each of us, the mother of our Being that should trample the moon so that the 12 stars, the 12 faculties shine over her head.




Isis breastfeeding Horus

"I am Isis, whom no mortal hath ever me unveiled."

Oh Isis, Divine Mother Kundalini, winged serpent of light, without you I would be lost. You are the Gnostic secret of my Being, the central point of my connection."

Fragments from ancient Gnostic texts


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