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Hercolubus & the Seven Races

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Celestial Mechanics and the Times of the End

Obviously we find ourselves in the times of the end..

When we look at the earth with its four seasons, we understand quite well. Our planet rotates around the Sun in 365 days, some minutes and fractions of seconds; this is called a terrestrial year that has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

We cannot deny that there also exists the sidereal year, the cosmic year. Our solar system of "ORS" in which we move and have our Being, journeys around the zodiacal belt in 25, 920 years and this journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt is what constitutes a sidereal year.

The sidereal year, just as the terrestrial year, has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

The spring of the sidereal year is the golden age in which life is a true Eden; humanity comes out perfect from the hands of the Creator, the solar hierarchies govern and happiness throbs and palpitates everywhere.

In summer, or the silver age of the sidereal year, the first splendor pales a little, the solar hierarchies continue governing a world without borders, a world where there is only peace and love.

In the fall, or copper age of the sidereal year, humanity begins with its borders and its wars with its hatreds and its crimes.

However, in winter or the iron age, everything ends with a frightful cataclysm. We find ourselves precisely in winter, in the age of Kali Yuga, in the iron age. Every time that a race arrives at the iron age, at Kali Yuga, it perishes because of a great cataclysm.

What would we say about the Lemurians? They perished because of rain, fire and earthquakes!

And what of the Atlanteans? What has been said? What do the sacred books say? Truly everyone affirms that there was a universal flood. It was then that the axes of the earth turned moved and millions of inhabitants perished in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

The beginning of the end of this Arian race began in the constellation of Aquarius. It was then that the sun began its journey, along with all the planets of the solar system, around the zodiacal belt. A race lasts as long as one journey of the solar system around the zodiacal constellations.

And now, it has returned to its starting point. The sidereal year is concluding and before long it will have arrived at its end.

During the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt, the poles of the earth begin deviating.

The axes of the earth will be changed. We already know that the magnetic pole does not coincide with the geographical pole. The North Pole is melting...In this manner then, the revolution of the earth's axes is a fact and can be demonstrated with perfect mechanical apparatus.

Add to this something unexpected. I want to refer to Hercolubus, the gigantic monster that is to swallow our planet earth. is a gigantic, powerful world, six times bigger than Jupiter, and it belongs to the Tyler solar system. It is not, as many suppose, a displaced planet from some solar system. It has not been displaced, it rotates around the gravitational center of the Tyler solar system.

Before long, that gigantic world will pass through at an angle to our solar system and it will precipitate a catastrophe. In celestial mechanics, Hercolubus helps to make the poles vertical; it is a cog in the great machiner. The approach of Hercolobus is at our door.

...when Hercolubus passes close to the earth, obviously it will precipitate a catastrophe. The gigantic world possesses an extraordinary force of attraction and consequently, the fire of the volcanoes will leap out here, there and everywhere.

The liquid fire in the interior of the Earth originates new volcanoes and in general, the igneous element will make everything burn that is and everything that has been. That is why Peter states, "The elements, burning, will be wasted and earth and all the works upon it will be burnt..."

Water will sing a duet with fire, the revolution of the earth's axes will change the seabeds and all human beings will perish.

I repeat that astronomers already have Hercolubus in their sight. It is a powerful giant that will pass through at an angle to our solar system. When this happens, the revolution of the earth's axes will violently accelerate, and then the catastrophe will come.

Some scientists propose to push Hercolubus further away with atomic explosions and this will be useless. It is impossible with pure atomic bombs to push further away a monstrous, gigantic, powerful planet.

Before Atlantis existed, it also did away with another continent. We know very well that the continent of Mu or Lemuria, through ten thousand years of earthquakes and incessant volcanic eruptions, came to sink in the waters of the Pacific ocean.

When Hercolubus passed through at the end of Kali Yuga,, at an angle to our solar system, on the continent of Atlantis there came the universal flood, the seas were displaced, changing beds, and Atlantis was finished.

The remains of Atlantis are the Canary Islands, etc., just as the remains of the Lemurian continent is Easter Island, facing the coast of Chile, the archipelago of Oceania, Australia, etc.

Similarly, then, when Hercolubus once again passes through at this angle to our solar system, you can be absolutely certain that another catastrophe will come. This indicates to us that the catastrophe that is coming is not the first, neither shall it be the last.

The apocalyptic times have arrived. Humanity has broken open six seals of the Great Book of St. John; when it breaks open the seventh seal, the catastrophe will be produced.

One can object that many others, in the past, awaited the end and nothing happened. I would like to tell you that this time we speak of celestial mechanics. If celestial mechanics did not exist, the entire cosmos would end in a catastrophe.

Just as on the Atlantean continent there was a chosen race that served as a base or nucleus for the formation of the fifth Arian race and which today perversely inhabit the five continents, I will also state that today there will be formed a nucleus for the sixth root race.

...let us then prepare ourselves. Earth is being subjected in these moments, to a great agony and the end of this agony is called death. When a sick person is agonizing, when one presents with unmistakable symptoms of death, we well know that what follows is defunct ion, passing away.

Earth, in these moments, is moaning, it is agonizing; all of this indicates disaster and in the long run, it will end in a frightful cataclysm. When we see the sun coming out more and more towards the north, we will know that the times of the end are near and that we march towards a catastrophe...


Excerpt from "The Age of Aquarius and Hercolubus"
by Samael Aun Weor

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