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 Celestial Mechanics & the Times of the End

Hercolubus & the Seven Races

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As the new millennium approaches, it is quite appropriate to focus on the topic of the history of this planet and celestial mechanics. We have been hearing about the times of the end and would like to look at exactly what this means. Master Samael Aun Weor tell us about the sidereal year, the races that have inhabited this planet and the four seasons of each race. At present, we are in the iron age (Age of Kaliyuga) of the fifth root race. In Gnostic cosmology and anthropology we learn that each planet supports seven root races; what then lies ahead for us as Hercolubus and the year 2000 come ever closer?

Our issue would not be complete without an obituary for Master Litelantes, the wife of Master Samael Aun Weor. She left her physical body (passed away) on February 5, 1998, the second day of the 37th year of the Age of Aquarius, in Mexico City. Although this was a master who carried out her work silently, we do have an excerpt from a rare interview that she granted on one of her trips to Europe. As the year starts off unexpectedly, we invite you to reflect on life, death and the inner work that needs to be done which makes this lifetime an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

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Excerpt from an interview in Europe:

Q. Lately it has been talked about a lot, even in public, about the topic of the planet Hercolubus. And the end of the world has been talked about in different areas. What can you tell us about this?

A. Look, referring to the matter of the end of the world, only God knows. God has not sent any of us a note stating "the world will end." What we have to do is work on ourselves and await the hour that God sends us. If we are to die, we die and if we are to be saved, we are saved. What is this thinking about the end of the world! Work to survive, pay your rent, eat, take a walk and work on yourselves and do not think about issues of the world coming to an end. The day that it is our turn, let it be, without having this worry in the mind, eating at us.


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