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Volume I, No.5


The Origins of the Kabbalah

Doing the Father's Will

Card #1: The Magician

The Gnostic Our Father

Drawing Closer to the Father


We welcome you to our June issue focusing on the significance of the Father. The Father cannot be discussed
without going into the subject of the Kabbalah. How many of us have heard the term "the Father" or the "Ancient
of the Days?" In esoteric literature, these are terms that are quite well known. In this issue, we include an excerpt from the prologue of Master Samael's book "The Initiatic Path in the Arcanes of Tarot and Kabbalah." We also include for the first time, exercises that you can practice in the convenience of your home. This requires certain willpower, discipline and of course, a quiet place to practice. Make sure you read the new section of the website: "The Meditation Corner" which is filled with valuable tips and practical guidelines on learning to meditate and being able to set up an exercise schedule for yourself. Let us know if you find it useful.

An article on recognizing the will of the Father and carrying it out at all times rounds out this issue. The exercises mentioned in the article, of self remembering and self observation, will be discussed in more detail in our next issue.

We hope Father's Day reminds us of honoring not only our physical Father but also our inner Father that resides in secret.

See you in July!

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The Origins of the Kabbalah


The Kabbalah is lost in the night of the centuries, there were the Universe was gestated in the womb of Maha Kundalini, the Great Mother. The Kabbalah is the science of numbers.

The author of the Tarot was the angel Metatron, he is the head of the wisdom of the Serpent and he was the prophet Enoch, of which the Bible talks about.

The angel Metraton or Enoch left us the Tarot in which is contained all of Divine Wisdom, the latter was written in stone. He also left us the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This great Master lives in the superior worlds, in the world of Atziluth, in a world of inconceivable happiness, according to the Kabbalah, in the region of Kether, a quite elevated sephiroth.

All Kabbalists base themselves on the Tarot. It is necessary to know it and study it in depth. The universe is made with the Law of Numbers, Measures and Weights; mathematics forms the universe. The numbers come to be living entities...

The seven planets of the solar system are the seven sephiroths and the triune spiritual sun is the sephirothic crown. These sephiroths live and palpitate within our consciousness and we have to learn to handle them and combine them in the wonderful laboratory of our inner universe. Thanks to the sephiroths one can transform oneself into a man...

We need to realize these ten sephiroths because they are here with us, here and now. These ten sephiroths realized in an individual make him into a self-realized Being; they seem to be precious encrusted gems, this is marvellous.

The sephirothic crown is formed by Kether, Chokmah and Binah; one has to comprehend the basis of these three sephiroths.

The Father, the First Logos  Kether  Wisdom
The Son, the Second Logos  Chokmah  Love
The Holy Spirit, the Third Logos  Binah  Power, Igneous, Flaming Principle

Kether is the Ancient of the Days, the hidden of the hidden, the kindness of kindnesses. He has 31 locks and his beard has 13 hairs; thirteen symbolizes the verb, the word. Marvels have been spoken about him; one can participate in an interview with him through Samadhi (ecstasy) to receive his orders. He is infinite mercy and integral wisdom...

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In a similar custom to Mother's Day, Father's Day is celebrated annually during the middle of June. Comparable to what mothers experienced during mid-May, fathers on this day are the center of attention. The family commonly gives the father a present, goes out to eat, and perhaps even takes a trip together. It is a pleasant day not only for fathers, but for everyone involved. To many people, however, the word "Father" denotes more than just a parent. It also reminds us of God, our "Father in Heaven."

Throughout the years our "Father in Heaven" has been personified as an old man with a long beard, ruling from his kingdom in heaven. This view of the Father, as existing somewhere far away outside of us has been upheld through the exoteric aspect of religions throughout the world. In the esoteric aspects of all religions, however, initiates have been taught that God the Father is within us, that He is the most superior part of our Inner Being.

The Father is the First Logos, the Divine Monad, Kether of the Kabbalah, the Ancient of the Days. The Father has been termed the "great wind", the occult of the occult, the mercy of mercy, the root of our Being. Each one of us has his or her own Inner Father. It is said that there are as many Fathers in heaven as there are human beings on earth. Our Father cannot be personified as an old man or any other shape or form because He is way beyond the intellect and the reasoning mind. He is often referred to as "the Father who resides in secret", because he appears before the initiate only when it is the correct time. Our particular Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of our Father who resides in secret. He represents wisdom, while She represents love.

The Father's Will: In our inner work towards self-realization it is essential to do the will of the Father. Many times we mistakenly believe that we know what we need to progress in our lives. We think that by doing "our will" we will ultimately find what we are seeking. Unfortunately, due to the presence of our psychological ego, it is always one of those multiple psychological defects inside of us that is doing its will. This leads to mistakes, unhappiness, boredom, insincerities, confusion, etc., and may even cause us to stray off the esoteric path. One of the greatest errors we commit is believing that the mind, controlled at every moment by a different "I" can give us happiness. How many people do we know who are really happy? The question to ask is "After all these years, am I truly happy and content with my life and with the direction my life is headed?" Chances are that after some reflection you will see that you are not.

Through practicing the psychological techniques of self-observation and self-remembering we begin to discover that we are controlled like puppets by our psychological ego. At every moment a different psychological defect, or "I", is acting out its will through us. This is extremely unfortunate, since the only path towards true happiness is doing the will of the Father. When we do our Father's will we do not succumb to the whims and wants of our psychological defects, but rather do exactly what we should be doing at that moment for maximum inner growth. By acting according to the will of our Father, we are performing our life's true calling every moment, and the result is authentic happiness. A master once said, "True happiness is to have God within, because even when one is in the Absolute or in Nirvana, if one does not have God within one is not happy." By doing the will of the Father we come closer and closer to Him. But many times we may not wish to do our Father's will. At these moments it is good to observe ourselves carefully, for we will discover that it is really the ego, not the being, that does not wish to comply with our Father's will.

Knowing the Father's Will: How can we know what the will of our Father really is? The answer lies in meditation and prayer. By meditating and praying to our Inner Father and to our Divine Mother, asking for help and guidance, we will be shown what we must do. Their help is invaluable for the initiate to remain steadfast and strong in the Gnostic Esoteric Work. No one can tread the path without the help of his or her Inner Father and Mother. Through prayer, meditation, and the practice of self-remembering we will always be shown what the will of our Father is. The "Our Father", the prayer that Jesus left us, is extremely profound. By meditating deeply on this prayer, line by line, we will ultimately, with perseverance, make contact with the Father who resides in secret.

We should always strive to do the will of the Father. If we carefully go over our past, we will observe that resistance has always brought us much unhappiness. Whereas, each time we are successful in doing His will, we arrive one step closer to true peace and happiness. All problems, no matter how difficult they may seem, can always be resolved through Him. Let us always remember the words of Jesus, and meditate profoundly on them:


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The Gnostic Our Father

"Our Father

(Because you are the Father of all creatures)

Who art in heaven,

(Because you are in the highest and noblest part of my Being.)


(Because you are between my eyebrows and you will give my eyes, spirituality and the light of Wisdom.)

Be thy name.

(Because you are in my creative larynx and you will give my tongue the virtue of awakening your love in all hearts)

Thy kingdom come.

(Come to my heart, because I have made of it your altar and of my soul, your temple and of my Love, your Home)

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

(Here is the servant of the Lord and execute your will in me.)

Give us this day our daily bread.

(Food and all our mental and spiritual needs, you are the giver of all goods.)

And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

(Divine Master, you came to wash our souls with your precious blood and with your passion and death to teach us to forgive those who have offended us)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

(Divine Rabbi, if we are with you we free ourselves of all temptations, and all dangers; do not allow us to draw away from you)


Excerpt from "Gnostic Catechism"

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I am the flame that burns in each human heart and in the nucleus of each Star. I am the life and the dispenser of life and nonetheless, that is why my Wisdom is the Wisdom of Death.

I am Magician and Exorcist. I am the axis of the wheel and the pivot of the circle. Come ye towards me. Give me the Great Word since I am he who walks. Those who have adored Heru-Pa-Kroat adore me since I am the adorer.

Ancient Egyptian ritual

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Card No.1: The Magician

The esoteric significance of the arcane #1: The esoteric study of the Tarot is divided into two parts: the esoteric and the mathematical. The first is made up of 22 arcanes; afterwards, progress begins through mathematics.

Arcane No.1 is the Magician, he who initiates, begins, the One, he is the Unity, the Divine Spirit of each person, the Monad, or Immortal Spark of every human being, of every creature. The One is the Mother of all unities. The one unfolds into the following arcane: the Priestess.

In the Arcane No.1 we enter the Sanctum Regnum of magic, one sees above the head the Holy Eight represented by two eyes, it is the symbol of the infinite, representing the 8 Kabirs, symbol of Life and Death.

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Drawing Closer to the Father


: The mantram "Pander" allows us to reach the Ancient of the Days. This is possible with profound meditation. In the world of Atziluth, there is a marvellous temple where the majestic presence of the Ancient of the Days is shown to us.

Exercise: The Ancient of the Days is our authentic Being in his essential root. He is the Father in us. He is our true Being. Our disciples should now concentrate and meditate very deeply on the Ancient of the Days. During meditation they should provoke ecstasy, samadhi.

Excerpts from "The Initiatic Path in the Arcanes of Tarot and Kabbalah"
by Samael Aun Weor



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