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Meditation to closer to Kether

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The Sephiroth Kether, the Father

Of all the sephiroth of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Kether is the most elevated and the most profound. In Hebrew, the word "Kether" means"Crown" - it is the sephirothic Crown of the Tree of Life, the first terribly divine emanation of Absolute Abstract Space. From Kether emanate Chokmah and Binah, and all three together constitute the Logoic Triangle of the Tree of Life, which is also known as the Holy Trinity in Christianity and other religions. The Trinity constitutes the esoteric core of our Being, and has been referred to as the Resplendent Dragon of Wisdom. Kether is the center of gravity of the Logoic Triangle, and is also the highest sephiroth of the Pillar of Equilibrium, which also includes Tiphereth, Jesod, and Malkuth.

Kether is the deepest part of our Inner Being, and is symbolized by a crown. He is often referred to as the First Logos, the Ancient of the Days, the Venerable Elder, and the Father who resides in secret. The Ancient of the Days is the occult of the occult, the good of the good, the kindness of kindnesses, the root of our Being. He is infinitely merciful, and carries absolute wisdom. The First Logos is sometimes referred to as the "Great Wind", since from the world of Kether the multitudes of humanity look like leaves fallen from trees, hurled by the terrible wind of the Ancient of the Days. In the world of Kether neither individuality, personality, nor any type of superior or inferior "I", exist. Although referred to as "He", it is important to note that that Elder of Days is androgynous, meaning He is man and woman simultaneously, and is the first and last synthesis of our Being.

Each person has his or her own particular crown, which is our own ray that connects us with the Absolute. Each of us has in the depths of his or her consciousness a distinct Venerable Elder, a particular Father who resides in secret. Blavatsky has said that there are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are human beings on earth. Kether is related with the first arcane of the Tarot, "The Magician." This arcane represents unity and that which begins. This unity is the Divine Monad, the First Logos. It is said that the hair and beard of the Ancient of the Days each have 13 locks. This reminds us of Arcane 13 of the Tarot, "Immortality," which is also intimately related with the First Logos. It is only by overcoming death, by completely eliminating the psychological ego and creating the solar bodies of our Being, that we can incarnate the Ancient of the Days. In other words, before incarnating Kether we must first completely realize the mysteries of the thirteenth arcane within ourselves, and overcome the frightful and terrible tests of this arcane in the internal worlds.

If we look at a diagram of the Tree of Life, we can see that Kether is a sephiroth that is very far away from Malkuth, the physical world. This is why we cannot easily understand or relate to our Father who resides in secret. Although objects and events that take place in Kether are real and mathematically exact, they seem abstract and remote to our minds. The religion of Buddhism has its center of gravity in Kether, and this is the reason why many people find it difficult to relate to and understand its concepts and teachings.

One can meet his or her own Father who resides in secret during moments of Samadhi in meditation. In this way one can receive His commands, and thus do His will. The mantram "PANDER", when vocalized in supreme and profound meditation, permits us to see the majestic presence of the Elder of the Days. We can also call upon the Angel Metatron to help us. The Angel Metatron, who was the prophet Enoch in the Bible, is the head of the world of Kether, and during meditation the disciple can invoke and beg the Angel to take him or her to the sephiroth of Kether. When Jesus prayed to his Father in the Bible, he prayed to his Father who resides in secret.

The Lord's Prayer, the "Our Father", which Jesus left us, is completely magical. Many people pray the Lord's Prayer in a mechanical fashion, simply repeating the words. Merely reciting the prayer, however, brings about few, if any, results. Rather, each line should be analyzed and meditated upon. Each verse and petition in the prayer contains great wisdom, and can only be comprehended in profound meditation.

Although the Ancient of the Days emanates directly from the Absolute, He is profoundly unknown unto Himself. By working towards incarnating all the sephiroth within ourselves, our Father gains knowledge and dominion over the entire Tree of Life. When the Elder of Days has self-realized the ten sephiroth, he transforms himself into Adam-Kadmon of the Kabbalah, the Celestial Man, with powers over all of creation. Then the ten sephiroth shine in the world of Light as precious gems, as resplendent stones within the body of the Ancient of the Days. This is how we convert our entire Inner Being into the Celestial Jerusalem, the completely self-realized individual. No one, however, reaches the Father, except through the Son. The Son is Chokmah, the Cosmic Christ. We have to form Christ within ourselves in order to rise towards the Father. Only one who incarnates Kether has the right to wear, in the internal worlds, the hair and beard of the Venerable Elder, thus becoming "one more old man in eternity."

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