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Dissolving the Shackles of the Ego

The importance of prayer...

Prayer in the psychological Work is fundamental for the dissolution. We need a power superior to the mind if, in reality, we wish to disintegrate such and such an "I.The mind by itself could never disintegrate any "I," this is indisputable, irrefutable.

Praying is conversing with God. We should appeal to God the Mother in our intimacy, if we truly want to disintegrate "I's". He who does not love his Mother, the ungrateful son, will fail in the Work upon himself.

Each one of us has his particular, individual Divine Mother; she, in herself, is a part of our own Being, but a derived part.

All ancient civilizations adored "God the Mother" in the most profound part of our Being. The feminine principle of the Eternal is Isis, Mary, Tonantzin, Cybele, Rhea, Adonia, Insoberta. etc.


Our Father and Mother...

If in the purely physical we have a father and a mother, then in the deepest part of our Being we also have our Father who is in secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini.

There are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are men on Earth. God the Mother in our own intimacy is the feminine aspect of our Father who resides in secret.

He and She are certainly the two superior parts of our Inner Being. Undoubtedly, HE and SHE are our very True Being beyond the "I" of psychology.

He unfolds into Her and commands, directs, instructs. She eliminates the undesirable elements which we carry in our interior with the condition of a continuous Work on oneself.

When we have died radically, when all the undesirable elements have been eliminated after many conscious labors and voluntary sufferings, we shall fuse and integrate ourselves with the "Father-Mother," then we shall be terribly Divine Gods, beyond good and evil.

Our individual, particular Divine Mother, through her fiery powers, can reduce any of all those "I's" which have been previously observed and judged, to cosmic dust.

In no way would a specific formula to pray to our Inner Divine Mother be necessary. We should be very natural and simple when we address Her. The child who addresses his mother, never has special formulae. He says what comes from his heart and that is all.

No "I" is instantaneously dissolved; our Divine Mother should work and even suffer very much before achieving the annihilation of any "I."

Become introverted, direct thy prayer within, seeking within thy interior thy Divine Lady and with sincere petitions, thou shall be able to talk to her. Beg her to disintegrate that "I" that thou has previously observed and judged.

As the Sense of Self-Observation develops, it shall permit thee to verify the progressive advancement of thy Work.

Comprehension and discernment are fundamental. However, something more is needed if we really want to disintegrate the "Myself."

The mind can give itself the luxury of labeling any defect, passing it from one department to the other, exhibit it, hide it, etc. but could never alter it fundamentally.

A special power superior to the mind is needed; a fiery power that is capable of reducing any defect to ashes.

Stella Maris, our Divine Mother has that power; she is able to pulverize any psychological defect.

Our Divine Mother lives in our intimacy, beyond the body, affections and the mind. She is, by herself, an igneous power superior to the mind.

Our particular, individual Cosmic Mother, possesses Wisdom, Love and Power. In her resides absolute perfection.

Good intentions are good for nothing...

Good intentions and their constant repetition are good for nothing, they lead nowhere.

It serves no purpose to repeat: "I will not be lustful;" the "I's" of lasciviousness will continue existing anyway in the very depth of our psyche.

It is useless to repeat daily: "I will not have anger." The "I's" of anger will continue existing in our psychological depths.

Of no use would it be to say daily: "I will no longer be covetous." The "I's" of covetousness shall continue existing in the different depths of our psyche.

It would be useless to separate ourselves from the world and lock ourselves up in a convent or live in a cavern; the "I's" within us will continue existing.

Some cavernous hermits, based on rigorous disciplines, attained the ecstasy of the saints and were taken to heaven, where they saw and heard things that are not easily comprehended by human beings; however, the "I's" continued existing in their interior.

Unquestionably, the Essence can escape the "I" based on rigorous disciplines and enjoy the ecstasy. However, after the bliss, it returns to the interior of the "Myself."

Those who have become accustomed to the ecstasy, without having dissolved the "Ego," believe that they have already reached liberation, they fool themselves believing themselves Masters and even join submerged Involution.

We shall never pronounce ourselves against mystical ecstasy, against the ecstasy and happiness of the Soul in the absence of the Ego.

The need to dissolve the I's

We only want to place emphasis on the need to dissolve "I's" to achieve final liberation.

The Essence of any disciplined hermit, accustomed to escaping from the "I," repeats such a feat after the death of the physical body, enjoys the ecstasy for some time and then returns, as the Genie of Aladdin's lamp, to the interior of the lamp, the Ego, the My Self.

Then, he has no other remedy but to return to a new physical body, with the purpose of repeating his life on the carpet of existence.

Any attempt of liberation, no matter how great it might be, if it does not take into consideration the need to dissolve the Ego, is condemned to failure.

Samael Aun Weor
Excerpt from Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology

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