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Welcome to the July issue of our newsletter. This month we focus on true freedom, authentic liberty. As Master Samael puts it, this is a word, a concept that has been misunderstood and in whose name blood has been spilled and persons killed. However, in Gnosis, we study and practice the techniques and methods which lead to true liberation, authentic liberty, that is, liberation from the chains of slavery imposed by our dearly beloved ego. But, wait a minute, who or what is ego? We can only discover the bunch of I's that make up our ego through self exploration and self discovery. This process entails the practice of self observation and self remembering: two terms that are easily said but which are the cornerstones of the psychological journey of self exploration and self confrontation.

This work however can only be done with the help of the Divine Mother, the feminine principle. Why is it that the statue of liberty is a woman and she holds the torch in her hand? The excerpt from the book "Revolutionary Psychology" is exactly about the importance of the feminine principle, the Kundalini, in the work and her fiery power.

We invite you to practice self observation and self remembering to see the I's in action and decide if you are truly free.

Find out about the Gnosis video: The Wheel of Life, focusing on the wheel of samsara and the laws of involution and evolution. And also, if you can read Japanese, by all means visit the Japanese home page that recently went up!

Letus know if you like our new format and if it's easy to read.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Gnosis Link:

I enjoyed your site very much, and although I do not typically spend a lot of time reading, I looked at everything you had there.

Samael Weor must have lived his own teachings to have been able to reiterate
them without typical need for tangled and confusing details..
I am impressed (-:


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Dear Gnosis Link:

I am interested in the gnosis course, and also in the e-newsletter. My interest has grown since a few interesting experiences in my dreams, that really intrigued me. Once, I had the same dream as my friend, that also described my room, without ever being there. Is that normal?


Dear JP:

Thank you for your interest in Gnosis. Yes, it is possible to have dreams as you described. However, this will be covered in more depth when we have an article on dream yoga on the web site in the future. Keep visiting us.

Gnosis Link

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Poetry Corner


"Any attempt at liberation, however grandiose this might be, if it does not take into account the need to dissolve the ego, it is condemned to failure."

Samael Aun Weor

The Statue of Liberty

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