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July 1997

True Liberty

The meaning of liberty is something that has not yet been understood by humanity.

Very grave errors have been committed regarding the concept of liberty, set forth in a more or less mistaken manner

Certainly, one fights over a word, absurd deductions are deduced, abuses of all types are committed and blood is spilled on battlefields.

The word liberty is fascinating, everyone in the world likes it; however, one does not have true comprehension about the former. There exists confusion in relation to this word.

It is not possible to find a dozen people that define the word Liberty in the same manner and in the same way.

The term Liberty can in no way be comprehended by subjective rationalism.

Everyone has different ideas on this term: subjective opinions of people, lacking any objective reality.

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Upon setting forth this matter of Liberty, there exists incoherence, vagueness, incongruency in each person's mind.

I am sure that not even Immanuel Kant, the author of "Critique of Pure Reason" and of "Critique of Practical Reason" ever analyzed this word to give it its exact meaning.

Liberty, lovely word, beautiful term! How many crimes have been committed in its name!

Unquestionably, the term Liberty has hypnotized the masses; the mountains and the valleys, the rivers and the seas have been stained with blood upon the conjuration of this magical word...

How many flags, how much blood and how many heroes have been seen in the course of history, each time that the matter of liberty has been placed on the stage of life?


Dissolving the Shackles of the Ego

In inter-relationships there is self-discovery and self-revelation. Whoever renounces to living together with his fellowmen also renounces self-discovery.

Any incident in life, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, undoubtedly has as its cause, an intimate actor in us, a psychic aggregate, an "I".

Self-discovery is possible when we are in a state of alert perception, alert novelty.

An "I" discovered flagrantly should be carefully observed in our mind, heart, and sexual center.

Any "I" of lust could manifest itself in the heart as love, in the mind as an ideal, but as we pay attention to the sexual center, we would feel a certain morbid, unmistakable excitement.

The judgment of any "I" should be definitive. We need to sit it down on the bench of the accused and judge it mercilessly.

Any evasive, justification, consideration should be eliminated, if in reality we want to be conscious of the "I" that we hope to extirpate from our psyche. Execution is different. It would not be possible to execute any "I" without previously having observed it and judged it.


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