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The Art of Loving and Being Loved

Reflections on Valentine's Day



A warm welcome to all our readers. This month we introduce our newsletter by celebrating Valentine's Day, which in itself commemorates Valentinus, one of the more well known ancient Gnostics. Love and Marriage, a mainstay of the Gnostic teachings is addressed in the articles we have for you.

The newsletter will include a brief excerpt from one of Samael Aun Weor's books and also articles written by members of the Gnostic center on the featured topic of the month. We hope to add more areas of interest as our web site expands.

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"In the name of the truth, I must tell you that love begins with a spark of sympathy, is substantiated with the force of affection and becomes synthesized in adoration.

To love, how great it is to love. Only great souls can, and know how to love.

In order for love to exist, there needs to be affinity of thoughts, affinity of sentiments, identical mental preoccupation. It is the consecration of two souls anxious to express in a deducible manner what they inwardly live.

The sexual act becomes the consubstantiation of love in the psychophysiological organism of our nature. A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more and another who loves better.

How noble the beloved one is, how noble the woman is when they are truly united by a bond of love. A loving couple becomes mystical, charitable, helpful. If all human beings lived in love, happiness, peace, harmony, perfection would reign on the face of the earth.

Certainly, a small handkerchief, a photograph, a picture, provoke in the one who is in love, ineffable states of ecstasy. In such moments, he feels he is in communion with his beloved one, even if she is too far away; this is how that which is called love is.

Love is an effusion or energetic emanation that surges forth from the deepest part of the consciousness; those radiations of love stimulate the endocrine glands of the entire organism, and they produce millions of hormones that invade the blood vessels filling them with extraordinary vitality.

Love in itself is a cosmic force, a universal force that throbs in each atom, as it throbs in each sun. The stars also know how to love

The planets of our solar system orbit around the sun, incessantly attracted by that marvelous force of love.

The atoms in the molecules also orbit around the nuclear centers attracted by that formidable force of love.

There is love in the stars, in the rose that sends forth its delightful perfume

To love is something ineffable, divine. Loving is an extraordinary cosmic phenomenon. In love's corner, only happiness reigns. When a couple is in the sexual union, in a true act of love, the most divine forces of nature surround it. These forces, created in the cosmos, have once again come to create again. In those moments, man and woman are true gods in the most complete sense of the word. Therein lies the greatness of love.

Extraordinary are the forces that surround the couple during the sexual act in a matrimonial bedroom. However, those extraordinary forces can be lost and can be wasted in the holocaust of animal pleasure which motivates the behavior of the intellectual humanoid

This is how both the man and the woman are the two columns of the temple. These columns should neither be too far nor too close; there should be a space in order for love to pass between them



Therefore, there is a great secret in love, and it seems to me that that has been well put by Sigmund Freud. "Sublimation," he said, of the creative energy, to look at sex with profound respect.

Obviously, the man and the woman, we would say, are like two parts of the same being. Man came out of Eden accompanied by his wife and he should return to Eden with the same wife.

In other words, we would say: Man exited Eden through the doors of sex and it is only through that door that he can return to Eden; Eden is sex itself.

I simply limit myself to think that a psychological, physiological, radical, biological transformation is derived from the transmutation and sublimation of the creative energy. Nietzche's superman could be achieved by means of the transmutation of the sexual libido.

However, the principal thing is to know how to love, without love all those prodigies could not be achieved

Really and truly, I repeat, man and woman are two aspects of a same being. That is clear, love in itself is derived from the unknown of our being. I mean to say in an emphatic manner, that within ourselves, there in the most intimate profundities, we possess our Being. The latter has transcendental qualities of eternality; he is what is divine in us.

Love, I say, is a force that emanates precisely from that divine prototype existent in the depth of our consciousness; it is a type of energy that is capable of accomplishing authentic prodigies.

Practical Clues On The Art Of Loving And Being Loved


In daily life, the man and the woman often quarrel; may times it is because of insignificant matters; they quarrel. The man says one word, the woman another; it sometimes happens that a tiny word is sufficient for one of the couple to react. They do not know how to control themselves. They do not want to understand that the home is the best psychological gymnasium. It is precisely in home life that we can discover ourselves, it is in the home that we can get to discover our defects of a psychological nature.

Have they offended us? Why do they hurt us? Could it be perhaps that we have jealousy? Could it be that our self-esteem has been hurt? Could it be that our pride has been hurt?The truth? Orwhat?

When one discovers that he has a psychological defect, one also has the opportunity to disintegrate it, to reduce it to cosmic dust. By eliminating our psychological errors, or psychological defects, we will one day be able to attain the awakening of consciousness.

Unfortunately, people do not want to change, nor eliminate their defects

When one recognizes that one has a psychological defect, he should eliminate it. One comes to discover that he has this or that error precisely in the home. That is why the home serves as a psychological gymnasium for us.

Comprehension, A Vital Tool

Many complain that their wives are irascible, that they are jealous. They wish to find themselves another wife that is going to be a paradise, and an angel descended from the stars, etc. They do not want to understand that the home is an extraordinary gymnasium and that it is there that we can discover ourselves. It is precisely in the home that we have the opportunity to discover our errors, and if we succeed, we will achieve the awakening of consciousness.

I say that we have to know how to love; comprehension between the man and the woman should always reign in the home. The man should not expect his wife to be perfect; neither should the woman expect the man to be Prince Charming. We must accept things as they are and have the home as a school where we should discover ourselves. As we eliminate the so many psychological defects that we have, happiness will increase, and if one day we had to suffer a great deal, later, that home will become a paradise.


Anger In the Marriage

Another factor of discord between couples, in the home, is anger. The man says something angrily, the woman responds with two rocks in her hands, and in the end, they end up in a battle of broken plates and glasses, etc. That is the crude reality of facts. If the demon of anger was eliminated, peace would reign in the homes, there would not be any pain.

But I say to myself and I also tell you, why should there have to be anger within us? Why are we like that? So, it's not possible to change? Yes, it is possible! I proposed to change and I changed. I was irate, I also knew the process of anger.

But I proposed myself to eliminate it and I eliminated it. Of course, I had to undergo certain sacrifices in order to eliminate anger

How happy couples would be if they knew how to really love, if the man never had anger, if the woman never had anger. I understand that the honeymoon can be preserved

If one wants to really and truly preserve the honeymoon, one has to eliminate anger, one has to eliminate jealousy, one has to eliminate egotism. We should become comprehensive, to learn to excuse all the errors of the beloved one. No one is born perfect! The man should know that the woman has her defects. The woman should comprehend that the man has his. Mutually, they should excuse each other's psychological defects. If they proceed in this manner, they will preserve the honeymoon!


Knowledge Of Psychology: A Prerequisite

When a couple gets married, they should understand psychology better. Usually, one of the two begins by offending the other; the other person reacts and also offends. A conflict is forms; the conflict passes, the two become reconciled and everything apparently continues in peace, but there is no such thing! Resentment remains! On another day, there is another conflict, the husband and wife quarrel over any foolishness, perhaps over jealousy, or over anything else. The results: The conflict ended, and another resentment remains, and so forth and so forth, from one conflict to another, the resentments increase and the honeymoon is coming to an end. Finally, there is no longer any such thing (honeymoon), it is over. What do exist are resentments through and through, and if they do not become divorced from each other, if they continue together, they now do it out of duty or simply out of animal passion and that is all


Non-Reaction In Conflicts

So your wife insulted you? She told you ugly words? Stay serene, calm, do not react for nothing in world, bite your tongue before answering. In the end, upon seeing you so serene without any type of reaction, she will feel tremendously ashamed and will ask you for forgiveness.

Woman, your husband insulted you?What did he tell you? Is he being jealous over the fiancé that you had before? What happened? Is he in a bad mood? Did he return from the street tremendously neurasthenic? Remain serene, serve him his food, his clothes, help him to bathe, kiss him, love him, and the more he insults you, the more you love him. What will happen at last? Women, you can be certain that in the end, the man will be tremendously repented, he will feel that remorse is eating his heart and will even kneel before you to ask you for forgiveness. He will see a saint, a martyr in you. He will consider himself a tyrant, evil. You will have won the battle!

If both the man and the woman proceed in this manner, if they act according to this formula, I can guarantee you that the honeymoon will not be lost, because the man learns little by little to dominate himself, to comprehend that his wife is a saint; and the woman, little by little, realizes that her husband is tremendously noble. The moment arrives when neither one of the two wants to hurt each other. They adore each other; the honeymoon continues during their entire life.

This is the art of loving and being loved. Is your wife crying? Kiss her tears, caress her. What, she does not accept your caresses? Well, wait a little for her anger to go away.

Anger has a beginning and an end. Any storm, no matter how strong, has a beginning and a conclusion. Wait a moment, and you will see the result. The important thing is for you to not become angry. If you succeed, if you control yourself, she will at last humbly come to you to ask you for forgiveness, and how great is the happiness of reconciliation.

V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Excerpts from "Love and Marriage"





Much has been said and written over the years about love. Great thinkers, philosophers, and poets have all created grand literary works involving the theme of love. Kings, queens, and common people alike have all been influenced, and many times carried away, by love. Love is something universal, and it touches and connects every human being. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, it is important to deeply reflect on love: what love is, how it manifests, and what role it plays (or does not play) in our daily lives.

Expressions involving the idea of love are abundant. We all have heard phrases such as, "We must love, not fight, one another", or "Peace can only be achieved through love", or "Love thy neighbor as thou would thy own brother", etc. It is necessary to consider, however, whether such elevated ideals are actually found in the world today. Observe what is happening in different countries and ask yourself how much love exists among human beings. How can there be love in the world when there are wars, hatred, violence, riots, poverty, envy, etc.? How can there be true love between husband and wife, parent and child, or between people in general when there exist anger, pride, adultery, lust, jealousy, selfishness, etc.?

Reflecting on love within ourselves can be very valuable on the path of self-discovery. Many are those mistaken people who sincerely believe they love their spouse, while what they feel is really passion; who believe they love their parents, family, and friends, when they are in reality dependent upon them; who believe they love their boss and profession when they are actually fearful of losing their job and the status and wealth it brings; and who believe they love their fellowman by donating their money and time, when deep inside them brood hidden desires of pride and recognition.

The more we observe ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, and reactions, the more we come to realize the following: when we think we love someone or something, there are really other secret desires, attachments, or needs within us that demand to be satisfied. It is these hidden elements that make us feel that we love, when in essence we do not.

Gnosis makes a bold statement - that the vast majority of human beings do not know what true love is, and have never experienced it. True love is one that is pure, selfless, and unattached, wanting nothing in return. As long as we carry the exact opposite elements within us, such as hatred, lust, anger, impatience, etc., then we do not truly love. Love and its opposites cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Thus as long as we carry these negative elements within, love remains foreign to us. Love is a virtue that must be earned. It is cultivated and made to grow in a gradual manner through the systematic elimination of those negative psychological elements, the psychological ego or "I", that currently exists within each of us.

Through daily practice of the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness, we can cause true love to grow and blossom within us. It is a methodic and gradual blooming, but the effects of this process will be so beneficial to our inner growth that any efforts we put into it are extremely worthwhile. We shall then comprehend the wisdom of Master Samael's affirmation,

"Blessed are those who truly know how to love."




In the words of William Shakespeare:


"Let me not to the marriage of true minds

Admit impediments. Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds,

Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no; it is an ever-fixed mark,

That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;

It is the star to every wandering bark,

Whose worth's unkown, although his height be taken.

Love's not Time's fool though rosy lips and cheeks

Within his bending sickle's compass come;

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error, and upon me prov'd,

I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd."

- Sonnet #116


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