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The Aquarian Age: The New Age?

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The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

A race lasts as long as the sun's journey lasts around the zodiacal belt. Our race was born in the constellation of Aquarius during the age of the water bearer, after the universal flood.

Now the end is near, since the journey of the solar system has ended; it has returned after many years, to the point of origin, since in these precise moments we find ourselves in the Age of Aquarius.

This age began on February 4th, 1962 between 2 and 3 PM in the afternoon. At that time, all the astronomers of the world, could see with their telescopes the celestial traffic jam under the constellation of the water bearer; what we are saying is therefore, duly documented. We are not affirming anything that would not have proper documentation.

If someone says that the Age of Aquarius has not begun or for that matter what others sustain that it began much earlier than February 4, 1962, what does it matter to science or to us? The crude reality is that the Age of Aquarius began on the date we have mentioned, February 4, 1962, and this was seen in all the countries of the world, by scientists, astronomers, astrologers, etc. It is an official, concrete, proven fact.

At that time, there was an eclipse of the sun and of the moon that some persons might recall; few degrees remain then, for the journey of the solar system of Aquarius to reach exactly the initial point of the original point of departure.

The astronomers of the whole world were witness to something unexpected. All the planets at that time, had to pass through an alley of worlds. All the planets of our solar system met in council under the constellation of Aquarius; such an event reallyonly happens when an age occurs. And so, in this manner, facts are facts and when faced with the facts we have to surrender.

We are not making utopic affirmations. What we emphasize has been duly verified from all astronomical observatories. Therefore, obviously it was on the above mentioned date that the Age of Aquarius began among the august thunder of thought.

Many have predicted a "Golden Age" after the year 2000. They certainly believe that the Age of Aquarius with all its splendor and beauty has to fully manifest beyond the year 2000. The disappearance of borders is predicted. It is believed that this humanity will go through a radical transformation after the year 2000.

Obviously my dear brothers, such prophecies fail, they are nothing but mere sophisms. And what is a sophism? A wall without foundations, just a slight push converts it into mere sediment.

Unquestionably it is not possible that the psychological "I" of the masses be able to really create a Golden Age; it would be absurd to suppose that the collective ego could give origin to an age of light and beauty.

Within us there are those factors of discord that produce wars, egotism, hatred, violence, lust; when egotism and violence are collectively expressed then war appears on the stage of life.

Do you believe that in these circumstances the ego could create an age of fraternity and love? With which workers will we build the edifice of the Age of Aquarius? Who are those masses capable of establishing on the face of the earth the age of splendor and love?

Those of you who know people very well, who converse with your fellow men, who know what a struggle it is to earn one's daily bread, who know what envy is, who have suffered and who have caused to suffer, could you accept the thesis that these people who live alongside us are capable of beginning an age of beauty and splendor? It is said that the tree is known by its fruits.

Therefore reflecting sincerely, with all my heart, those who prophesy an age of beauty and splendor after the year 2000, are, therefore, mistaken. To create one has to destroy...When we clearly observe the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, we can evince extraordinary things. Aquarius is the house of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a revolutionary, terrible, catastrophic planet and it controls the sexual glands. Saturn, obviously, reminds us of chaos, the return to the point of original departure.

Leo is the zodiacal sign of fire, it is a revolutionary and tremendous sign. Aquarius, dominated by chaos, is death; Uranus is revolution. Leo is burning fire; obviously, the lion of the law comes to meet humanity, who is already ripe for the final punishment.

If we meditate on this, we arrive at the conclusion that the times of the end have arrived, that we are in them...

Therefore, let us reflect...Are we perchance happy? Who can talk of happiness in these times? We find ourselves then, face-to-face with ourselves, with our own destiny, faced with the dilemma of being or non-being of philosophy.

The hour has arrived then, to profoundly reflect. Who are we? Where are we going? What is the object of existence? Why do we live and for what purpose?

Excerpt from "The Age of Aquarius and Hercolubus"
by Samael Aun Weor

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