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The True Symbolism of Christmas

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What Christmas Really Means

Christmas is one of the most important holidays of Christianity, and is celebrated by billions of people throughout the world. During this day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, which the Western calendar year is based upon. Christmas, however, is also the most commercialized religious holiday in the western world. During this time people are out gift-shopping for their loved ones, city streets are decorated with reindeer, elves, and candy canes, and children are constantly wondering what Santa Claus will bring them. Although these things add joy and warmth to Christmas, they are simply not enough. It is important to reflect upon the esoteric symbolism of Christmas during the holiday season.

To better understand this symbolism we must first contemplate who Christ truly is, and why he is to be born. The birth of Christ represents an profound process that anyone on the initiatic path must undergo in order to achieve self-realization, namely the incarnation of his or her Inner Christ.

Jesus Christ is often called the historical Christ, because he was an actual historical figure who taught his doctrine in the holy land two thousand years ago. The real Christic force, however, is not a human individual - it is a cosmic substance, universal and infinite. The Inner Christ has been called a celestial fire, a living and philosophical fire, the fire of the fire, the pure of the pure. St. Paul invites us to assimilate within ourselves the marvelous cosmic substance called "Christ", which is our Profound Inner Savior. The great master Jesus earned the title of Christ because he was one of the few who incarnated the Christ substance within Himself. His mission was to live publicly what every initiate must undergo internally at various profound levels of inner development. In order to incarnate his Inner Christ the initiate must first have created the first five solar bodies, from the physical to the causal, and also must have eliminated the vast majority of the psychological ego. After the Inner Christ has been crystallized within, he must work on eliminating the remaining subtle parts, as well as the hidden causes of the psychological ego in order to attain further exalted stages of perfection.

The four Gospels contain a great deal of alchemical and kabbalistic symbolism, and can only be properly understood if the reader is familiar with alchemy and kabbalah. This is true of the entire story of the nativity, as well as of certain customs that are practiced during Christmas. For example, the Christmas Tree represents the sephirothic Tree of Life of the kabbalah. Historians have shown that Bethlehem did not exist during the times of Jesus. To many people this and other examples present an inconsistency or inaccuracy within the Christian religion. The Gospels, however, should not always be read in a literal manner since they contain much symbolism. Bethlehem is an esoteric name meaning "Tower of Fire"; when the initiate works with the Fire of the Kundalini in order to create his solar bodies and eliminate his psychological defects, he is working to one day incarnate the Inner Christ within the profundity of his consciousness.

Jesus is said to have been born in a stable in which there were many animals. The stable of Bethlehem represents the psyche of the initiate. The animals that are found in the stable are the multiple psychological defects, or "I's, that we all carry within. Thus the Inner Christ must be born within the depths of the initiate's psyche, and must work to completely eliminate the animalistic passions and desires that make up the psychological ego. He must gain complete control over the initiate's intellectual, emotional, instinctive, motor, and sexual processes in order to progress further in the work.

It is said that the Wise Men who came to adore Jesus were led by a bright star. This star represents the Seal of Solomon, the Star of six points, the symbol of the Solar Logos, the Christic Force. The seal of Solomon is made up of two triangles. The superior triangle represents alchemical sulphur, the sacred Fire of the Kundalini. The inferior triangle symbolizes alchemical Mercury or Water, the transmuted sexual energy.

The union of the two triangles represents mercury fecundated by sulphur. When this occurs the Kundalini is finally awakened and begins to ascend through the spinal column. In this way the initiate creates the superior existential bodies of the Being.

The magi symbolize the stages which the Mercury goes through before it can be fecundated by sulphur. By correctly practicing the Three Factors for the Revolution of Consciousness the mercury begins to change color, and this change can be seen clairvoyantly. The black wise man represents the first stage of the mercury, when it is black in color. The second stage is represented by the white wise man, in which the Mercury has become white. The third stage is symbolized by the yellow wise man, when the Mercury has correspondingly changed color to yellow. Finally, there is a secret fourth wise man, and he is portrayed in several paintings of the nativity scene. He is red, and represents the final, or red, stage of the mercury; it is at this point that the mercury can be fecundated by sulphur.

All the major events in the life of Jesus represent specific processes and changes that every initiate, along with his or her Inner Christ, must undergo. The Inner Christ has to walk on the Waters of Life, to gain dominion over the sexual energies. He cures the blind and the deaf, so they can see the path and hear the Word of Wisdom. He cures the disease of leprosy, which symbolizes the psychological ego. He heals the paralyzed, so they can now walk on the path towards self-realization. Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection would be useless if our Inner Christ is not born, lives, dies, and resurrects in our heart as well. The second coming of the Lord is internal. He has to save us from within, from the very depths of our consciousness and of our heart.

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