As our web site expands, it is our intention to provide a brief description of each book's contents on this page.

1. Aztec Christic Magic (Originally a correspondence course on ancient exercises of the ancient Aztecs; astral travel techniques)
2. Beyond Death
3. The Book of the Dead (Mysteries of life and death)
4. The Book of the Virgin of Carmen (Astral Travel techniques)
5. Buddha's Necklace (Xmas message of 1966)
6. Christ Consciousness
7. Christ Will
8. Christmas Message of 1964
9. Cosmic Ships (UFO subject matter)
10. Didactic of Self-Knowledge (Several different lectures; Organization of the Psyche, Mental Representations, Imagination and Fantasy)
11. Esoteric Course of Kabbalah (Kabbalah, Tarot)
12. Esoteric Course of Runic Magic also known as Cosmic Judo
13. Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology (Astrology, Gnostic Psychology)
14. Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy (Narration of an investigation on the astral plane of the Conjuration of the Seven)
15. Flying Saucers (UFO subject matter)
16. For the Few
17. Fundamental Notions of Endocrinology & Criminology (The endocrine glands and the chakras)
18. Gnosis in the 20th Century (Xmas Messages from 1952 - 1963)
19. Gnostic Anthropology (The principal work on Gnostic Anthropology)
20. Gnostic Glossary (Some key definitions of Gnostic terminology; chapters on the three factors)
21. Gnostic Catechism
22. Gnostic Psychology
23. The Golden Verb (Compilation of several different lectures)
24. Grand Gnostic Manifesto 1971
25. The Greater Mysteries
26. The Great Rebellion (one of the three major works on Gnostic Psychology)
27. Igneous Rose
28. The Initiatic Paths in the Arcanes of Tarot and Kabbalah
29. Introducton to Gnosis
30. Lamasery Exercises (Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation)
31. Logos Mantram Theurgy
32. Looking at the Mystery
33. Magnum Opus
34. Manual of Practical Magic
35. Mayan Mysteries
36. The Message of Aquarius
37. Message of the First Year of Aquarius
38. The Mystery of the Golden Flowering
39. The Mysteries of Fire
40. My Return to Tibet
41. Parsifal Unveiled
42. The Perfect Marriage
43. The Philosopher's Stone
44. The Pistis Sophia Unveiled (final work; unveiling the Gnostic Bible, the Pistis Sophia)
45. The Revolution of Bel
46. Revolution of the Dialectic
47. The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac (One of the two works on Gnostic anthropology; some c48. hapters on Dream Yoga)
48. Secret Notes of a Guru
49. The Seven Words
50. The Social Christ (Sociology)
51. Social Transformation of Humanity (Sociology)
52. The Solar Bodies (Various lectures)
53. Supreme Christmas Message of 1965
54. Supreme Grand Manifesto of the Third Year of Aquarius
55. The Three Mountains (His childhood and adolescence, the complete map of the initiatic process)
56. Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic
57. Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology (one of the three major works on Gnostic Psychology, ego, essence, personality, self-remembering and self-observation)
58. Treatise of Sexual Alchemy
59. Universal Charity
60. The Yellow Book
61. Yes, There is a Hell, Devil and Karma
62. Zodiacal Course (Astrology)

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