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Welcome to the newsletter turned e-zine. What is "Conversing with Mother Earth?"

Sparks from the Absolute: The Origin of Elementals

A description of the process that elementals go through in their descent from the absolute. An excerpt from the book "Igneous Rose" by Samael Aun Weor.

The Four Elements Within us and Outside of us

We can only command the elements outside of us: earth, air, fire and water if we have dominion over the elementals that are within us­what this grants us is unimaginable.

Book Reviews

A review of books that further illustrate the power of the elementals of nature and the four elements in Nature. Some of the books focus on ethnobotany, the "new " field of the interaction between people and plants. The books cover Mayan medicine using the healing properties of plants, shamans in the Amazon rainforest, medicine lore of a Native American shaman, and the respect for nature experienced firsthand by the Australian aborigines.


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