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Welcome to the April issue focusing on Easter and its esoteric significance:



The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week by Samael Aun Weor

The Symbolism of Easter



We welcome you to our April issue focusing on Easter and its symbolism. We all know the sacred meaning of Easter in the Gnostic teachings and we invite you to read Master Samael Aun Weor's words in self remembering and afterwards reflect and meditate on them.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Gnostic teachings, we hope that these articles serve as an excellent introduction to Gnosis, the sacred meaning of Easter, the Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week.

We thank all of you who have written to us to comment on the web site. Your words are indeed appreciated and they encourage us to continue putting Gnosis and Master Samael Aun Weor's inspiring words online.

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The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week

by Samael Aun Weor


The Cosmic Christ: Before anything else, it is urgent to know what the "Cosmic Christ" really is.

It is urgent to know in the name of truth, that Christ, is not merely historical; people are used to thinking of Christ as a historical personage that existed 1,969 years ago. Such a concept is erroneous because Christ is not of time, Christ is atemporal! The Christ unfolds from instant to instant, from moment to moment. Christ in himself, is the Sacred Fire, the Universl, Cosmic Fire...

INRI...And so Christ is the fire; that is why on the cross you will see the four letters: "INRI" which means "Ignis natura Renovatur Integram" which means "Fire incessantly renews all of nature."

The Symbolism of Fire: Now you will begin to understand why we are interested in the astral signature of fire, the flame of the flame, the hidden, the esoteric aspect of fire. And it is because in reality, fire is Christic, it has the power to transform everything that is, everything that has been and everything that will be. INRI is what interests us; without INRI it is not possible for us to Christify ourselves...

...It is by means of fire that we can Christify ourselves; it would have been useless for the Christ to have been born in Bethlehem if he was not born in our hearts as well. He would have been crucified and died and resurrected in the Holy Land uselessly, if he was not born, died and resurrected in us as well.

We need to incarnate the Cosmic Crestos, the spirit of fire, make him flesh within us; as long as we have not done this, we will be dead to the things of the spirit because he is life, the Logos, the Great Word...

...We need the fire to burn within us; only INRI, the sacred name on the cross of the martyr of Calvary, can subdue the psychic aggregates...

The Christ...The Christ, the spirit of fire, is not a merely historical personage, he is the Army of the verb, he is a force that is beyond personality, ego and individuality. He is a force, like electricity, like magnetism, a power, a great cosmic and universal agent. He is the electrical force that can originate new manifestations. This cosmic fire enters the man who is duly prepared...

...The hour has arrived to understand that only the "Fohat" can transform us radically. INRI is formidable, it reduces the psychological aggregates to ashes. But we need to work with the fire.


From "The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week"


The Esoteric Symbolism of Easter


In today's society the holiday of Easter has lost much of its real significance. The religious value of Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, has been put in the background. As with many other holidays (holy-days) it has become commercialized, with the Easter bunny, painted eggs, and chocolates becoming the primary focus. Although some of these, such as the eggs, do contain some religious symbolism, it is important to realize that there are far deeper mysteries behind Easter. The Holy Week is a good time to reflect on these mysteries, which have been taught in initiatic schools for many centuries.

The Holy Week: The holy week culminating on Easter Sunday symbolizes more than the trials, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus Christ is often called the historical Christ, because he was an actual historical figure who taught his doctrine in the holy land two thousand years ago. But the real Christic force, the Cosmic Christ, is not of time or of the three-dimensional universe. The Cosmic Christ is the Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Sacred Fire. The great master Jesus earned the title of Christ because he was one of the few who incarnated the Cosmic Christ within Himself.

The Christic Fire: The Sacred Fire of the Cosmic Christ is not the same as the fire that burns of the earth. Rather it is the occult, or esoteric aspect of fire, the Astral Fire, the Flame of the Flames. The Christic Fire is the fire of the Spirit that fertilizes the chaotic matter, that has the power to create atoms and universes and also to disintegrate them. The Christic Fire has the power to transform all that is, all that has been, and all that will be, including the power to transform us so that we may reach intimate self-realization. It is by means of this Fire that we may Christify ourselves.

We need the Christ to penetrate us so that He can change us radically. Once the Fire of the Christ blazes within us we will be transformed, enjoying full illumination and cosmic powers. Only this Fire can destroy those psychological defects that comprise the ego, which at present keep our consciousness imprisoned.

The Three Traitors: The events that transpired during the Holy Week, as described in the gospels, must be lived within ourselves in order for us to become Christified beings. Just as Jesus was physically born, crucified, and resurrected in the holy land, so too should the Inner Christ go through the same within ourselves in order for us to become Christified. It is important to realize that all the historical figures that existed around Jesus have their counterparts within our psyche. The three traitors who crucified Christ are inside each of us. Judas is the demon of desire, that constantly torments us. Pilate is the demon of the mind, which washed its hands and provides justifications for everything. And Caiaphas is the demon of ill-will, that causes us to stray from doing the Will of the Father.

The multitudes of people who asked for the Lord's crucifixion are all the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry within, which comprise the psychological ego. Who whipped Christ? Who are the ones who spit on Him? Who crowned Him with a crown of thorns? Who are the ones who cried "Crucifixion, Crucifixion", sending Him off to death? Are they not the same multitude of psychological defects that we have created and carry in our interior?

The Twelve Apostles: The twelve apostles are found within ourselves as well. They are the twelve fundamental parts of our own Being, found in our interior here and now. There is a Peter, a John, a Philip, and Andrew, a Matthew, etc., each with his own powers and virtues. Whoever wishes to become a true initiate or esoterist must learn to relate with himself, with the twelve parts of his/her inner Being. But this is only possible by burning the psychological defects with the Christic Fire, since the correct relation with each of the parts of out Being is impossible as long as the ego continues to exist within us.

Therefore Easter, the Holy Week, and the entirety of Christic history is not just a tale of yesterday, confined exclusively to the past. It holds deep esoteric mysteries, and for those who have gained comprehension it is a story of the present, a mystery that will unfold into work towards one's own Christification, here and now.


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