Diamond Disc Discography

Here is a listing of Edison Diamond Disc records in my collection. If you see something that you are interested in, let me know.

Serial Title Serial Title
50082 Bake Dat Chicken Pie   You're Just Too Sweet To Live
50388 Flora Bella   Poor Butterfly- New York Hippodrome
80055 O Promise Me-Robin Hood   Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
80313 Kentucky Babe   Swing Along!
50678-L Whispering Hope 50678-R When Your're Gone I Won't Forget
50749-L Medley Of Old Time Tunes 50749-R Curro Cuchares March
50830-L Old Pal 50830-R Smilin' Through
50880-L In The Sweet Long Ago 50880-R Roll On! Silver Moon
50910-L Those Days Are Over 50910-R Tyrol
50966-L California 50966-R I'll Dream Of You
50991-L Flower Of Hawaii 50991-R Hawaiian Nightingale
50991-L Flower Of Hawaii 50991-R Hawaiian Nightingale
50998-L Serenade 50998-R Kathleen Mavourneen
51037-L Love Sends A Little Gift Of Roses 51037-R Hot Lips
51076-L I Gave Up Just Before You Threw Me Down 51076-R Lonsome Mama Blues
51161-L Funny Feet 51161-R Down Among The Sleepy Hills Of Tennessee
51238-L Home 51238-R I'm Sitting retty In A Pretty Little City
51252-L Tell All The Folks In Kentucky (I'm Comin' Home) 51252-R If I Knew You Then As I Know You Now
51391-L The Pal That I Love Stole The Gal That I Loved 51391-R Jealous
51400-L Jubilee Days 51400-R A Street Corner Quartet
51622-L Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue 51622-R Sweet Man
51640-L I'm Sitting On Top Of The World 51640-R Croon A Little Lullaby
51686-L My Little Nest (Of Heavenly Blue) 51686-R Always
51957-L Jesus Christ Is Risen To-Day 51957-R In The Cross Of Christ I Glory - The Strife Is O'er
80181-L Humoreske 80181-R Melody In F
80391-L Quanto IO T'Amo 80391-R I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

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