Diamond Disc Record Sleeves

Edison officially unveiled the Edison Disc Phonograph at the Fifth Annual Convention of the National Association of Talking Machine Jobbers at Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 10, 1911.

By 1914, The Company was making five claims for "Edison Superiority": A Genuine Diamond Point, Indestructible Records, Every Overtone Brought Out, Perfect Pitch Maintained, and A Pure Liquid Tone.

Edison Record Sleeve Edison Record

One of the many incarnations of the Edison Diamond Disc records. Edison changed the name several times over a period of about 17 years.

The first disc records from Edison appeared in October 1912. This record sleeve contains the date August 31, 1915 stamped on the back.

Edison Diamond Disc Record Sleeve Edison Diamond Disc Record

The price for this Edison Diamond Disc as listed on the record sleeve is One Dollar and Fifty Cents.

This sleeve dates from about 1915. A short chronology of the Diamond Disc name usage is listed below:

  • June 1914 - Edison Diamond-Disc
  • July 1914 - The hyphen is dropped from the name
Edison Recreation Record Sleeve The Re-Creation Record

While the front of this record sleeve is labeled "EDISON RECORD", the back of the record sleeve contains the name "EDISON Re-Creation (Record). It also boasts the message "PIANO TONE -- The True Test of a Phonograph".

A short chronology of the name usage is listed below:

  • February 1916 - "Re-Creation" - first use claimed as trade mark.
  • July 1919 - Edison Disc Re-Ceations
  • February 1922 - Record becomes "Edison Re-Creations".
  • October 1922 - "Edison Records"
1912dd.jpg (33956 bytes) The Edison Diamond Disc Box

The Edison Diamond Disc Record Box was only made for a short time -- about two months during 1912.  The cost of production was too high to warrant their use.

This example, Record Number 80051, contains the original record.

Graphic Courtesy of Shawn Borri.

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