Cylinder Discography

Here is a listing of two minute wax cylinders in my collection. If you see something that you are interested in, let me know.

Label Serial Type Title
Edison 2604 Banjo Cocoanut Dance
Edison 2606 Banjo Darkies Patrol
Edison 2608 Banjo Darkey Tickle
Edison 7107 Song I Couldn't
Edison 7192 Violin Schubert's Serenade
Edison 7267 Quartette Nearer My God To Thee
Edison 8017 Song Can't You Take My Word
Edison 8121 Talking Two Rubes In A Tavern
Edison 8339 Banjo Dixie Medley
Edison 8360 Talking Casey And His Gang Of Irish Laborers
Edison 8383 Talking Hebrew Vaudeville
Edison 8593 Song Whistling Bowery Boy
Edison 8606 Duet Marching Thro' Georgia
Edison 8618 Banjo Razzle Dazzle
Edison 8619 Talking Reuben Haskins' Ride On A Cyclone Auto
Edison 8678 Violin Pop Goes The Weasel Medley
Edison 8910 Song The Yankee Doodle Boy
Edison 8982 Vaudeville Heinie
Edison 8990 Xylophone He's Me Pal Medley
Edison 9000 Baritone The Preacher And The Bear
Edison 9007 Duet Hey! Mister Joshua
Edison 9043 Quartette I Wonder If You Miss Me
Edison 9119 Vaudeville The Musical Yankee
Edison 9142 Tenor Fol-The-Rol-Lol
Edison 9148 Vaudeville The Golden Wedding
Edison 9152 Baritone I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough
Edison 9163 Talking Short Stories By Frank Bush
Edison 9172 Vaudeville Fritzy And Louisa
Edison 9173 Bells A Lovely Night In June
Edison 9217 Band Silver Heels
Edison 9228 Duet I Love To Tell You The Story
Edison 9236 Vaudeville Mandy And Her Man
Edison 9241 Band The Dixie Rube
Edison 9259 Coon Song My Loving Henry
Edison 9267 Comic Song My Little Dutch Colleen
Edison 9293 Violin Sailor's Hornpipe Medley
Edison 9294 Contalto Virginia Song
Edison 9313 Band Flying Arrow
Edison 9334 Violin Fisher's Hornpipe Medley
Edison 9402 Song Song of the Nations
Edison 9455 Vaudeville Jealous Julie
Edison 9460 Vassar Girls Quartet Kentucky Babe
Edison 9463 Duet Good-A-Bye John
Edison 9484 Irish Love Song My Irish Rosie
Edison 9499 Coon Duet Bake Dat Chicken Pie
Edison 9503 Skating Scene Rudolph And Rosie At The Roller Rink
Edison 9519 Duet My Kicapoo Queen
Edison 9524 March Song The Bowery Grenadiers
Edison 9534 Comic Song I've Told His Missus All About Him
Edison 9603 Coon Song He Never Even Said Good-Bye
Edison 9615   Street Piano Medley
Edison 9635 Vaudeville An Amateur Minstrel Rehearsal
Edison 9643 Vaudeville Herman And Minnie
Edison 9683 Duet Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
Edison 9692 Vaudeville Flanagan At The Doctor's
Edison 9744 Irish Sketch Thim Were The Happy Days
Edison 9783 Mixed Quartette To The Work
Edison 9787 Street Scene Mugsy's Dream
Edison 9823 Duet My Gal Irene
Edison 9838 Comic Song Pass It Along To Father
Edison 9860 March Song The Lanky Yankee Boys In Blue
Edison 9895 Song Yankee Doodle's Come To Town
Edison 9985 Duet It Looks Like A Big Night To-Night
Edison 19174 Comic Song She's My Daisy
Columbia 88607 Band "Teasing" Medley
Columbia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Columbia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Columbia Unknown Unknown Unknown

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