Paper Needle Packets

This collection is grouped in several pages. The pages are loosely grouped around themes; Animals, Shapes, Variety, More Tins, and Paper packets

On this page you will find examples of the paper packages that were available in the United States from Victor, Columbia, and others.  Even a packet of cactus needles.

 Hit of the Week (Paper)

Hit of the Week

HMV - Silent Stylus (Paper pack)

HMV - Silent Stylus

 Tungs Tone Needle Packet

Tungs-tone Stylus - Soft Tone

TungsToneFull.gif (20253 bytes)

Tungs-tone Stylus - Full Tone

Kacti Needles

Columbia Needles - Fibre

Columbia Fibre Needles

Columbia Needles - Light-Tone

Columbia Needles - Light Tone

Columbia Needles - Standard

Columbia Needles - Standard

Columbia Needles - Loud

Columbia Needles - Loud

Meritone Needle Packet

Meritone Needles

comingsoon.GIF (1225 bytes)

Oliver's Red, White, and Blue
Multiplay Needles


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