A Variety of Needle Tins

This collection is grouped in several pages. The pages are loosely grouped around themes; Animals, Shapes, Variety, More Tins, and Paper.

On this page you will find Songster, Columbia, Decca, and several other interesting tins.

Songster Needles

Songster Loud Tone

Songster Needles

Songster Soft Tone

Rexonola Needles

Rexonola Loud Tone

Taj Mahal - Extra Loud (Black)

Taj Mahal - Extra Loud

Twin Steel Needles (Yellow)

Twin Steel Needles

Columbia - Duragold (Green)

Columbia - Duragold

Columbia - Ideal (Soft Tone)

Columbia - Ideal (Soft Tone)

Columbia - Talkie (Art Deco)

Columbia Talkie

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Columbia - Loud Tone

Decca - Green

Decca - Soft Tone

Decca - Gray

Decca - Medium Tone

Decca - Red

Decca - Loud Tone

Decca - Orange

Decca - Extra Loud Tone

Elkah Golden Needles

Elkah Golden Needles

Light Needles

Light Gramophone Needles

Unicorn Needles

Unicorn Needles

Marschall - Loud

Marschall Loud




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