Edison Diamond Disc Records
Edison Diamond Disk Edison Diamond Disc Records differ from other disc records in several important particulars. When compositions are long enough, the ten-inch records have a playing length of five minutes, or fifty percent more than others of the same size. A ten-inch Edison Record will play longer than most twelve-inch records of other makes.

Edison Diamond Disc Records are made of a new chemistry and of so great hardness as to permit the reproduction of myriad of faint overtones which alone give quality to music. These records are truly indestructible. The method of recording these new Edison records is also new, and the processes of manufacture are unique and new in every detail.

Edison Diamond Disc Records will be made in ten-inch and twelve-inch sizes; but, owing to the unusual playing length of the ten-inch record, it will only be necessary to make twelve-inch records of compositions of extra length.

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