Advertising Pathe Pathephone
PatheAd2.gif (54194 bytes) The Pathe brothers, Emile and Charles, placed this advertisement in November 1915.  The Pathe Freres Phonograph Company came to America from France shortly before this advertisement was published.  In France, the company was recognized as a significant member of the talking machine industry.

The text describes how life, realism, and throbbing personality are all in the Pathe Pathephone.   It claims "No man is justified in buying a phonograph for the home without first hearing the Pathe Pathephone".  It also touts the round, highly polished, genuine, permanent sapphire stylus.  Information on territories for jobbers and dealers is also included in the advertisement.  The pictures around the border display great the composers; Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Gluck, Listz, Wagner, Pacanini, Verdi, Schuman, Handel, Haydn, Mendelsonn, and Schubert.  And of course, the Pathe Rooster.

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