Updated 07/03/99
Here are a number of phonograph advertisements from magazines. Several of the Pathe advertisements were donated for use in Ron Dethlefson's book covering the Pathe Phonograph in America.

The Advertising Collection

  • Brunswick "All Phonographs In One"
  • Columbia  "The Home Grand Graphophone"
  • Columbia  "Grand Graphophone"
  • Columbia  "Grafonola"
  • Edison "At the Christmas Matinee"
  • Pathe Pathephone "Brings to You the Living Artist!"
  • Pathe Pathephone "The Real Music-Master"
  • Pathe Pathephone "Explore this New, Rich Mine of Music"
  • Pathe Phonograph "Always First on Pathe Records!"
  • Pathe Phonograph "Pathe is Supreme"
  • Pathe Phonograph "The Pathe Phonograph and Fine Furniture"
  • Pathe Pathephone "The Truest Interpreter of the BEST Music in the World"
  • Pathe Actuelle "Greater than the Phonograph"
  • Victor Victrola "Both are Melba"
  • Victor Victrola "Look under the lid"
  • Zon-O-Phone "On Speaking Terms"

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