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Current v0.22



Ratón was written by Doug Garmon

Ratón features include:
  • Mouse input
  • Tracks and outputs controllers in two dimensions
  • Assign separate channel, controller to each dimension
  • ALSA MIDI seq output
  • Editable map curves
  • Saves and loads projects
  • Saves and loads curves
  • Doesn't need focus to track mouse
  • Reverse and invert curves with one click
  • Curve presets
  • Assign freeze point
  • Resizable
  • GPL license
raton interface

Simply put, Ratón translates mouse movements into MIDI controller messages. Those movements are mapped through a user-defineable curve, which can change the characteristics of the mouse's location. Changing the curve can then expand, contract or step the controller messages to match the specific purpose.

Ratón uses the ALSA sequencer MIDI interface, so audio apps such as JACK-rack, MuSE or Rosegarden can use it's controller stream.

raton in action Screenshot of Ratón showing two Ratóns running; The qjackctl 'connections' window, with one hooked to JACK-rack (off-scrn); And controller feedback in a term window. (Note: Ratón as pictured is an older version, and is missing some interface features.)