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Sextant, in the app store now!

This shiny new gold sextant would make a pirate proud! Navigate with your GPS while you fake out the crew with this old style technology.

Simple to use... Sight the horizon viewing along the top edge* and tap 'Horizon", it displays "Shoot". Sight a star viewing along the top edge* and tap "Celestial", it displays the angle.

*You can sight along the right edge for a little more accuracy. The animated sextant display remains pointing at the horizon as you rotate to shoot the star.

A great stocking stuffer for anyone with a little Jack Sparrow blood. Not recommended for actual navigation unless you're plotting a course for Worlds End. Add it to your iPhone booty today matey!



Little Hal, in the app store now!


Little Hal's primary objective is to quickly jog your memory, he contains a single list divided into three categories, Notes, To Do and Facts. There are no folders, sub folders or fancy frills, a simple flick of your finger finds what you need Now.

Entries can be added, edited, deleted and rearranged in order within a category.

New Tags requested by users will be added to the predefined Types list with the free updates.

Little Hal is intended for those who prefer a tiny footprint app that's easy to learn and gets the job done fast.

Free wallpaper, Right Click on image to download.

Jupiter system


Crab Nebula

Please email any suggestions for QuickTags you would like added to Little Hal




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2008... New 'Fuel Cell' AA charger for Centro & Treo!

1-25-2007... Treo Headset adapter for TX, T5!

1-1-2007... Labtec Stereo Headset with Mic for T|X, T5!

10-15-2006... Tiny Bud-Mic Module for T|X, T5!

6-29-2006... Microphone Module for T|X!



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