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On this site I honor one of my favorite groups; the Monkees!  On the various pages, you'll find fanfic and pics of the Monkees!  Also an area to contact me!

DISCLAIMER:  I don't own the Monkees; Rhino does.  I wish I did.  (If I did, I'd have Micky giving me a back rub every night when I come home from work )  I put this site up for fun.  I'm making no money off this.  This site is basically just a place to put the stories I had written or co-written with other people.

Who am I?  Well, most of you might've known me as Larrysgirl; but now I've decided to drop that persona.  So from now on, I'll just go by Lisa or my LiveJournal username 1bigbeatlesfan
What's a 'Glick Chick'?    It's another username that I've adopted!  You see, I co-wrote a story "The Monkees Save Christmas" (it's in the fanfic section) with my writing partner Mickys411 and named one of Wizard Glick's assistants 'Lisa' after myself. (Hey, why not? : p)  I liked the way "Glick Chick" sounded so I decided to use it for this web site.
My second Monkees' website is now open!
It has the 'Barrelful of Trouble' and the 'Led by the Spirit' series on its pages, plus brand new Monkees' fanfics!  Take a look!

The Monkees
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Here are the members of the Monkees!
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Micky Dolenz: Vocals/drums
Mike Nesmith: Vocals/guitar
Peter Tork:  Bass guitar
Davy Jones:  Vocals

Micky Dolenz

Mike Nesmith

Peter Tork

Davy Jones