A Link To Winter Park's History


This cozy little town has a mystique all it's own. It was along Park Ave., (pictured above) during a street scape project, where I found an 1891 seated dime, 1903 Barber dime, 1907 IH and several old wheats. I also scored this nice 1918 dog tag from Tampa.

Not too far from there is a little park that produced a couple of keepers. I think it was an old home-site before it became a park. Anyway I didn't find a single wheat but I did find a '64 Rosie and this 1857-O dime.

On another trip here I found my 2nd oldest Buffalo nickel. That's about it for this park. I'm sure there must have been more coins here but the high visibility surely enticed other detectorists to hunt here.

My hunting buddy Tony and I were hunting a median strip in one of the brick lined neighborhoods. As we were hunting we noticed a corner lot was being prepared for a new house.

Of course there are older houses all around this lot so we assumed that there use to be a house here. We (Tony) asked the guys that were preparing the foundation if we could hunt for "loose change". Guess what?? They said YES!

This was one of the more fun days we had in a long while. We were picking wheats up all over the place. This must have been a "kid" hang out during the 40's & 50's. Anyway I think one of those kids got into daddy's coins cause one of them didn't seem to fit.

This sweet Barber Quarter found it's way under my coil. I was stunned as was Tony. Especially since he had just hit the small area that it was found in. We got about 100 wheats a few rosies mercs and a Washington quarter. I also found this interesting boy scout tie slide.

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