The History of Seminole County

A lot of my favorite finds from Sanford came from a large area in Sanford FL.
Back in the 40's it was an Air base. Some of the original buildings are still standing and a lot of undisturbed ground is still available to hunt. It has been hunted to death by many of the locals yet still produces the occasional keeper.

Here are a couple of
nice gold rings that I found about 15 feet apart. The big tigers eye was found in '99 (one of my favorites) and the other one was found in 2000. Also found a 1941-S walker here along with about 50 other silver coins and numerous wheats.
I've only found a few
religious medals in my 6 years of detecting and one of them came from here as well. Also found this cool bracelet.

This baggage claim tag was found in an older area of this site along with this South FL RR button that I found about 20 feet away from the tag.  Here is an old lock and a cast iron horse that came from this older area too. Went back recently and just concentrated on the medium tones and dug this old ring and Indian head cent.

There were also a few very old home sites on this property and some pretty interesting finds from these sites have been made. Here's a skeleton key with Indian head cent and a heel plate. Here is a pic of my 1st spur which just happened to come from here. A fellow hunter found a large cent and his 1st bust half dime (1831) at this site along with several other old coins!!

Here is an update on this area....found a sweet 1876 seated dime here and 3 shield nickels.
This cool
Plant System RR button was also found here. Sold it on Ebay for $12.50

Went back to this site on Sat. Jan 26,2002 and with a little tip from a huntin partner and a lucky swing on a questionable foil hit, I recovered my first 3 cent nickel!!! My buddy was so impressed he bought me lunch!!!

Another great site opened up in Dec. 1998 in downtown Sanford. The entire downtown block of 2nd Ave had been completely removed...including the side walks. I knew the potential was high for old coins. On my first trip there my feelings were confirmed. These 3 coins were found in about 30 minutes. The 1853 dime is my oldest coin to date. This nice 1890 V nickel was found here and was recently sold on Ebay for $20. Also found at this site was my 1st shield nickel (1876). My first and only Silver Dollar (1887-O), came from this site as well. I found it in the middle of the road early Christmas morning. It was very foggy that morning and very peaceful. You could almost see the ghosts walking amongst the old buildings trading coins for goods. This 1903-O barber dime and soda token were found towards the end of the construction project.

Not far down the road is a site that produced this interesting and mysterious find. It's a pewter looking copy of a Brasher Doubloon. I have done a little research on the net and found that there were copies made but they numbered only a few dozen and were minted in the 1840's AND made of brass! Go figure! So if any of you might have any info on this piece please let me know. Went back to this site today 12/14/01 and found this 1877cc seated quarter and a smooth 1900 barber dime....boy was I surprised these coins were there since almost every other hunter I know has been there...including me!!  Click here to see the quarter cleaned up.

Well I had to go back to this site one more time. Did pretty good today (Jan. 12, 2002).
Found my 2nd ever
RR baggage tag  which sold for $46 on Ebay, a huge silver signet ring, 6 wheats 1936-1944, 2 mercury dimes and my 2nd Chevy radiator emblem in 2 years.

I went back the following day and rescued this poor pitted lady!