Orlando has produced numerous nice finds for me over the past few years.

A small road construction site within this picture produced this nice seated dime.

Construction sites are unfortunately the best chance at gettin' the old silver here in Orlando.

A residential construction site near a lake yielded this cool token.

This bank token was found during a street-scape project in old Orlando. Also got my 1st V nickel from this site.

Another productive site in the area has yielded many silver coins including this Walker that I found today (Dec. 26, 1999).

Also found at this site with my buddy Tony looking on is this nice gold plated men's ring.

One of the most productive sites that I had the opportunity to hunt was a site I call "The Cage".

The site is a square block of old home sites from the 30's.

The city tore them down in the early 90's and erected the large cage-like fence.

I was driving by the site one day and noticed a guy in there detecting.

I asked him if he wanted some company and he said there was plenty for everyone. Well he wasn't kidding.

The first trip in there produced 34 wheats, my first Silver Half , and several mercury dimes.

My first barber quarter came from this site as well as this nice Shirley Temple ring which I sold for a cool $157.

I went to a previously hunted site in Sept. 2000 and found 2 of my oldest coins.

The first is this 1838 Shilling from Great Britain. It's my oldest coin to date and it's silver too!!

The other coin found was my first ever seated half dime dated 1854.

On the previous hunt that I mentioned I found this Worlds Fair Token.

Got my oldest buffalo nickel today (1/25/03) at a home site in north Orlando.

A new site opened up for me in Jan 2000. It was the site of an Air Force Base back in 30's-40's. 

Click here to see the ongoing finds made at this site.

On June 9th 2003 me and my bud Tony were hunting the 3rd lot of the morning with

little to show but dirty hands and sweat soaked shirts.

After diggin way to many surface clads I finally get a nice 4" high coin read on the CZ-5.  I figured, maybe a wheat.

After fighting through a few small roots I see a dime sized gray disk in the hole.

The 1st thing I saw was the 1874 and my mouth just dropped open in disbelief.



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