I was fortunate enough to detect the above park that was being renovated back in 1997. This park was the site of Ft. Maitland used in the late 1830's during the Seminole Indian Wars as well as an 1880's homestead, (which is pictured in the background) and a train depot. This site is probably in my top 3 for finding old coins and relics.

I snagged a "Great Coat Button" my first Seated Dime and even a 3 cent silver with a hole drilled through the date!!!

 Other coins found at this site included my 1st Standing Quarter, (1917 Type 1) and several barber and mercury dimes.

I donated the Great Coat button to the Maitland Historical Society which just happens to sit right near the site where the button was found. Turns out it is the only known "relic" that they now have of Ft. Maitland.

The small lake in the pic was partially drained during the renovation. Of course that meant it was time to slosh around in the mud. Here is a large silver ring that I found in the mud. If you have any info on the age of this ring please email me.

These 4 silver coins were found in October of 2000 about 3 blocks from this park.


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