Downtown Deland Florida


The removal of side walks from an old downtown is every detectorist's dream.

I had the pleasure of happening on to this site  August of '99 and was well rewarded.

My first trip there produced 18 coins dating from 1854 - 1894. 

Click here to see where the people dropped the coins I found.

Here is another pic of the street where these coins were found.

I found a number of "firsts" at this site. Here is nice pic of a Seated Quarter that was found here. Seated anything's are hard to come by here in Central FL. I also managed a couple of seated dimes (1874, 1884) at this site.

The good stuff came in the form of nickels believe it or not. I dug a questionable target that was going from nickel to foil on the CZ-5. At 4" the coin came up in my trowel and right away I saw that I had another "V" nickel, except this one was special. It was the "Key V" !!! After about a month of gawking at it I let it go on eBay for $175. Here are some of the Indian Heads that I found on the 1st hunt at this site. They were all in AU condition however the corrosion basically ruined all but a few of them. I also found a nice 1884 V and parted with it as well for $24. Here is yet another pic of a nice Liberty Nickel found at this site. I thought this 1864 2 cent piece was a token. It's heavily corroded but I did manage to read the date.

All told I found 1 seated quarter, 2 seated dimes, 2 shield nickels (Pic of 1874), 6 V nickels, one 2 cent piece and about 20 Indian's, one of which is my oldest to date. Also found a couple of mercury dimes here.

This pin was found at an old home site in Deland. I also found an 1892 IH cent and a transportation token at this site. Can you ID the pin for me? Here is a shoe token from Deland with a 2 digit phone number and an interesting pin with 3 children on it. This same home site also gave up this screw corporation thingy.

Went back to this site 4/13/02 with Tom Dankowski and Pete Sabatini.
I didn't think much would be found but I was WRONG!!  We get there and not 5 minutes out of the car Tom pops out an 1894 barber dime....we think we can see an 's' but it was just wishful thinking.
Not 2 minutes and 10 feet later he pops the 1897 dime....I'm just shakin my head wondering who had planted these coins!!

He also got a 1918 Merc.

Me??? Well with the exception of about 10 wheat's I was gettin skunked pretty badly with about an hour left to go when suddenly I dug this whopper piece of monogrammed silver.

A silver napkin ring.....Man what a cool find I thought, until I looked at it closely....only to find another one stuck inside it!!!!!

Pretty cool huh?? 2 napkin rings in 1.
According to the silver marks the inner ring dates to 1931 and the outer ring to 1945.

Went back to Deland 4/26/02 and found this nice group of coins.

Back for more on  8/17/02. Went to an old vacant home and found these old coins.

Me and my bud Tom found a large lot today here in Deland. It looked ok but you never know until you dig that 1st coin.

He dug an 1899 IH cent and a few wheats. I was lucky to dig one wheat and a 1929 buffalo. But before I dug the buffalo I dug this enormous piece of silver. It's got the Navy insignia along with USN stamped on it. I sure would like to know what it was used for and how on earth it got buried in the ground.

Back to Deland in April 2004. We started off hunting around some tennis courts at the old local university. I started digging medium tones hoping for a ring. Well after about the 10th pull tab, I dug this gold ring. Here is a pic of the engraving. Here's another.


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