CZ-5 Relic Hunter Sells Token To Dealer For $1000!!!

Glenn Liming of Florida barely had to look any further than his own yard to unearth the find of a lifetime. While detecting with his CZ-5 in nearby Orlando, a rare historic object begged for recovery.

Glenn had maxed his detector's sensitivity out at 5 and left the Ground Balance control at the factory pre-set position of 5. He explained that "with virtually no mineralization in the Florida soil to begin with, ground balancing was hardly necessary." Within moments, his CZ-5 sounded off.

The detector's target I.D. meter told him it was a zinc penny. But it was a strong signal and Glenn's instinct told him it was something larger than a penny. After only a little digging, he held an 1878 token in his hand. Since he was not a collector, Glenn had no clue as to what he had found, only that he had found it in a quiet Florida neighborhood.

Inscribed on both sides were the words, "W.S. FANSHAWE & CO. POST TRADERS, FORT MEAD, D.T. GOOD FOR 15 IN MERCHANDISE."

He went on-line to the World Wide Web and posted a picture of the object on Treasure Depot's Photo Forum. Almost immediately, a reply came from Texas that the token was originally from Ft. Mead, South Dakota and that it was worth $1,200! Glenn later put it up for sale for $1,000 and parted with his treasure to a dealer in Nebraska.

And the moral of this story? Dig those zinc pennies!