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Glenda Alexander's studio is in Durham, NC, where she lives with her husband, Bill, and cats, Violet and Oscar. She has exhibited artwork, including hand-sewn quilts, batik paintings, and drawings since 1972. She taught art in the North Carolina schools from 1979 to 1997. Most recently, Glenda has been working on privately commissioned work as well as developing a series of quilts based on North Carolina folklore. She is active in her local quilt guild and is committed to the art and integrity of generations of quilters.


I quilt and dye fabric as an art form because it is a part of my cultural background as a rural North Carolinian and as a woman. The study of fiber art also helps to satisfy my curiosity about cultures in other parts of the world and provides an endless source of inspiration. Quilting and fiber art have a long, distinguished history all over the world, as well as being in harmony with contemporary values of egalitarianism and respect for all human beings.


Traditional patchwork blocks and vivid color combinations are the starting point for my work. I favor clarity of shape and form and simple, bold color combinations.


I hand-dye many of my fabrics, some with earth and some with chemical dyes. My dying techniques include discharge dying, batik, "tie-dye" or "shibori," and painting directly on the fabric. I sometimes hand-quilt the layers of a wall-hanging, but currently do most of my work by machine. My goal is to "draw with a thread" in machine quilting.


My mother and grandmother taught me to sew and quilt. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Masters Degree in Art Education from Appalachian State University. I learned batik in Australia and have taken many classes and workshops in quilting and dye techniques from local quilt guilds and the North Carolina Quilt Symposium.

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