Batik--Step by Step

first step--applying design to  white fabric with wax

The first step in batik is to apply hot melted wax to white fabric with a brush or a tjanting tool, pronounced chan-ting.

second step--dyeing fabric

The second step is to dye the fabric--the wax coats the fabric, keeping the design areas white under the wax.

third step--applying more wax, and overdyeing

Third, the areas which are to remain the first dye color are waxed, and the fabric is put into a second dyebath. This waxing and overdyeing can be repeated with many colors.

final step--removing wax

Finally, the fabric is dipped into boiling water, melting the wax away and exposing the design. "Crackle" texture is the result of dye seeping through cracks in the wax.

Batik Paintings by Glenda Alexander Batik--What It Is, How It's Done
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