Radionics Instruction

Basic Class

I specialize in teaching the fundamentals and procedures of radionics using instruments based on the Hieronymus analyzer. These include Rogers, Kelly, Ag Energizer, and similar instruments. I also instruct on the computerized SE-5.

I prefer to do this in a one-on-one situation or a small class setting. This allows for plenty of personal attention and minimal interruption. It also permits flexibility for addressing the special needs and interests of students. These interests may include personal and animal health, gardening, farm crop management, and earth energies.

My personal objective is the student be capable of executing the fundamental radionic operations of analysis, remote balancing, dowsing, and rate scanning upon completion of a basic class. The ability to do these operations, with reasonable confidence, is the necessary foundation for anyone hoping to expand into the various applications of modern radionics.

A basic training class runs for two days, usually 7-9 hours each day, depending on student perseverance. Special requests for longer or shorter basic classes, intermediate level classes, personal consultations, seminars, and/or tutoring are welcome. I prefer to teach formal classes from my home in Northwest Arkansas. It is difficult to transport the assorted teaching and demonstration tools to other locations. Reasonable travel for consultation and presentations, however, will be readily considered.

Students do not need to have or purchase radionic equipment to take training. I maintain several Kelly and Rogers instruments and have one SE-5 on hand for my own research. These are made available for student use. This allows the individual to investigate radionics without a great financial commitment. I also sell radionic equipment —currently the small Roger's instruments and SE-5 instruments. These may be in stock and available for purchase after classes. If not immediately available, they can be ordered and quickly obtained.

To obtain a copy of the fee schedule and additional details about training, email: or write to George Kuepper, P.O. Box 151, Goshen, Arkansas 72735.