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Colorado, National, and International Opportunities

AAG (Association of American Geographers) 
International.  Careers in Geography section includes information such as "What is Geography" and "How do you know if you want to be a Geographer."  Career Resources section includes information on "Career Portfolios", "Networking", and "Resumes and Interviews."
Air Force Civilian Employment
International.  Search by Air Force base, state, region, country, summer employment, geographic area, announcement number, pay plan, title/series, occupational group, grade/level, IT positions, and various student options.
America's Job Bank
International.  Search listings by job category, keyword, location, job title, military, or job number.  Online resume and job posting available.
BAE Systems
National.  Search listings by city, state, function, security clearance, business unit, job level, date posted, position type, student/recent graduate, and keyword.
International.  Search by job category, state, and keyword.
National.  Search by keyword(s), job category(ies), location(s), date posted, college degree, employment type, salary range, and exclusion features for both national/regional jobs and jobs that do not list salary information.
International.  Search by job title, keyword(s), company name, location, and industry.
International.  Search listings by category, keyword, and location.  Resources include posting job and resumes, job search tips, and links.
Civilian Personnel On-line - US Army
International.  Search by keyword, special programs, general occupations, grade, state, country, and occupational series.
International.  Search by text (keywords), tax term, location, travel preferences, metro, and telephone area code.
International.  Search by keywords or predefined categories.
National.  Search listings by keyword, state, and category.
International.  No search capability for job listings.  Listings ordered by date posted.  Online job and resume posting available.  Consultant listings,  job resources, discussion board, career books, and other features.
International.  No search capability for job listings.  Listings ordered by date posted.  Online job and resume posting available.  GIS resources.
GeoSearch, Inc.
National.  Search listings by state, job category, and security clearance.  Online resume and job posting available.
International.  Search listings by country, state/province, and job type.  Online resume and job posting available.
GIS Job Finder
International.  Search listings by browse, keyword, country, city, state, and job's level.  Online resume and job posting available.
International.  Search listings by country, job titles, and software titles in the advance search.  Online resume and job posting available.
National.  Browse listings or search by keyword.  Online job posting available.
Merrick & Company
National.  Search listings by category, facility, date posted, and keyword.
National.  Search listings by keywords, location, and job category.  For military and civilians.  Resume building and posting, salary calculator, mentor network, job hunting tips, and more available. 
National and Canada.  Search by career channel, job type, state/metro area, and keyword(s).
National and India.  Search by location.
National and Canada.  Search by location, category, and  keyword.  Resume builder and job seeker agent.
International.  Search by keyword, location, job category, salary range/pay grade, department/agency, series number, or occupational series.  Services include Career Interests Center, resume building and posting, and more.

Colorado Specific Opportunities

Boulder County Government
Boulder.  Listings by organization and department.
Careers Colorado - Powered by Jobing
Colorado.  Search by location, keywords, job category, employment type, company type, minimum pay required, date posted, and a box to search for only entry level jobs.  Resources include a job agent, resumes and coverletters, job fairs, and career events.
City of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO.  Search by keyword(s), location(s), full/part time, regular/temporary, job opening id, find jobs posted within (various timeframes), display results sorted by date posted or location.
Colorado.  Search listings by keyword, city, title, industry, company, and by hi-tech specific categories.  Salary surveys and calculator, job agent, resume writing and posting, and more available.
Colorado Springs Utilities
Colorado Springs, CO.  No search capabilities.  Only open positions posted; however, I have seen them list GIS and other related positions in the past.  So check back if there are no related postings currently listed. 
Colorado State Government Job Announcements
Colorado.  Search listings by classified or non-classified, agency, job title, and job type.
Greenwood Village, CO.
Colorado Springs, CO.  Search listings by keyword, radius, employer, and date posted.  Also can get listings from their national network.

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