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Thank you so much for visiting my site!


As a former student of Geography at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus (UCCS), I was introduced to GIS and gained GIS employment experience from 1999 - 2000 with Analytical Surveys, Inc. (A.S.I.), a former Colorado Springs, CO company.  In 2001, I earned the ESRI International User Conference Student Assistantship. 


I published this website on January 21, 2004 as part of my graduation requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Student Constructed Major (Geography) degree that I earned from Fort Lewis College in August 2005.


I just recently earned a Basic CAD certificate from Pikes Peak Community College.  I am currently employed at NCDC Imaging in Colorado Springs.


I have lived in different cities in Colorado since January 1995.  I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO.


Yours in GIS,


Shannon M. Steuber

2004 - 2009 Shannon M. Steuber

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