The War Against Our Constitution
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Now we are engaged in a world war testing whether a nation like ours can long endure.
We are the strongest nation on earth -  economically, militarily and morally.  This is so, because our founders, steeped in Judeo-Christian beliefs, formed a nation based on individual liberty, representative government and the rule of law.  We have property rights and individualism.
Despite domestic secular socialists constantly tearing at our Constitution and Christianity in order to satisfy unprincipled greed and lust, and to wield power, our external adversaries are currently in check.
But, our foreign enemies are many and ubiquitous.  Our problems with them are exacerbated by our willingness to deal commercially with autocrats and despots who by stifling individual liberty are generating indigenous hatred against themselves and against us.  Examples are Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and North Korea - to name just a few.  Hiding behind an exclusive faith, Wahabism, the Saudi royals  pay  "protection money" to direct terrorism toward Israel and the United States, vice toward the Saudi royal family.
Following the enlightened tactics successfully adopted by General Creighton Abrams in the latter months of the Vietnam War, Secretary Rumsfeld in the beginning of the Afghanistan Campaign and then in Northern Iraq used indigenous personnel, backed by US military might, to rout the Taliban out of Kabul and to seize the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq.
Meanwhile, US forces in combat were perfecting their art of joint operations to a level of efficiency never before seen.

In my dreams, the President of the United States, at the request of our Congress, starts a domino effect with the toppling of the barbaric Saddam Hussein Iraqi regime - which causes regime changes worldwide, so that autocratic rule is replaced everywhere by sovereign nations established with the consent of the governed - nations that abide by the rule of law and are dedicated to the proposition that all men are not only created equal but also are entitled from birth to individual liberty.
In my mind, our young men see visions of what I dream, for Kosovo, Sudan, Indonesia, Egypt, Red China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Iran, and Syria.  And, in opposition to those of our own citizens who would destroy our Judeo-Christian moorings, our Constitution, and our national identity, our young men in my dreams see the visions our Founding Fathers saw.  Then I dream our young men act on those visions, diplomatically, socially, commercially, and - if need be - militarily.
But, because we are considered "infidels" in the Middle East, we'll need to occupy Iraq and support Afghanistan with a physical presence with thousands of troops for many years to come.
These two ongoing campaigns are just the start of our war for peace.  All around the globe - e.g., in the Philippines, Indonesia, North Korea, Iran and Red China - there is a need for regime changes and / or US support.  Iraq and Afghanistan, however, are good starting points.  If we can create viable republics there, the citizens of surrounding nations will demand the same: Individual liberty, representative government, and the rule of law.  Today, Iraq; tomorrow, the world !
Yet, the Bush Administration is unwilling to expand our armed forces to accomplish the worldwide tasks.  Whereas, we should be doubling the strengths of the active Army, Navy and Air Force, by soliciting volunteers, or, if need be, by reinstituting the draft, we have called up Reserves and National Guardsmen.  When they were campaigning for office, George Bush and Richard Cheney recognized the intolerable operations tempo and promised the military members, "Help is on the way!"  But, instead of providing relief by enlarging the force to share the burden, as president and vice president, they added a war to the already stressful tempo.
Finding additional money for defense simply calls for the will to cut federal taxes and follow the Constitution. Cutting income taxes increases revenue by freeing up money for discretionary spending on savings, investments, and entrepreneurship - all of which are taxable.  And following the Constitution includes observance of the Tenth Amendment, which gets the federal government's expensive bureaucracy out of the social and environmental affairs of the people and the states, who can meet their own needs at lower cost.
You can tell your US senators and representative what you want them to do about our current national security situation by contacting them at and , respectively.