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The Win-win solution! Hybrid Alternative
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There is a simple solution to both providing more hours of play for our children and preserving the beauty and habitat of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach  for all San Franciscans.

The Hybrid Alternative proposes a simple swap -- renovate the fields at West Sunset with artificial turf that is safe and with appropriate lighting, and renovate the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields with real grass and no lights.

The Win-win Solution - the Hybrid Alternative

Part 1:   Renovate the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields with living grass turf and no sports lighting.   There is no question that the Beach Chalet fields are in need of repair.  We fully support efforts to restore the Beach Chalet fields with new grading, drainage,  irrigation, and sod. This will protect the habitat and the sylvan parkland at this end of the Park, as well as preserving the evening skies at Ocean Beach.

Part 2:   Renovate  the playing fields at West Sunset Playground with artificial turf and night lighting.   At the same time, the City could restore West Sunset Playground – only 8 blocks to the south -- with artificial turf that is made of a safe material and with appropriate night lighting.

 West Sunset Playground is an ideal location.  Like Golden Gate Park, it is in the western part of San Francisco, one of the project requirements.  It already has athletic fields, restrooms, bleachers and a children's  playground.  There is night lighting on the adjacent basketball courts.  Neighboring schools could benefit from the longer hours of field use that a renovated playing field would provide at West Sunset.

Results:  This would create 4 upgraded natural grass fields at Beach Chalet, and 6 soccer pitches at West Sunset (3 full sized pitches and 3 U10 pitches).  This would result in almost as many play hours as the proposed Project, while restoring both play areas and achieving all project objectives for comparable cost.   

Maintenance:  This proposal swaps the location of the natural grass fields, so there should be no increase in maintenance costs over the current proposal. 

Funding:   The Beach Chalet soccer complex is being funded partly by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.  The City is planning to renovate the West Sunset Playground and facilities with $13.2 million as part of the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.  If the 2012 Parks Bond is not successful, then a new bond can be created that takes care of both projects, as needed.

A Superior alternative:  The Hybrid Alternative is  environmentally superior and achieves all Project objectives, while avoiding the significant negative impacts on the natural, historic, and aesthetic resources of the western end of Golden Gate Park.

This proposed Hybrid Alternative meets everyone’s needs, and should be supported by all decision makers.   We look forward to working with the Department on this win-win solution. 

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