Our Sand Pile

These are selected pictures taken at our sand pile.  The location of our sand pile is Ocotillo Wells California (about 30 miles West of the southern tip of the Salton Sea.  When it's cold on the coast, we head for our sand pile in the desert for some camping.  We purchased the land a few years ago and have been slowly working on it.

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This is an Ocotillo cactus for which the desert community is named for.   There are thousands of these not more than 6 miles from our property.

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In five years, we never saw this little cactus bloom.  Then one day in May, when the temperature was 100 degrees, it opened up and I caught this picture.  At the end of the day the blooms had all closed and that was it.

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Another beautiful little cactus in bloom.

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This is a picture of the sand pile gang relaxing at the end of the day.  This group picture shows my brother-in-law, his wife, their dog, my wife, our dog and me.