Viewing MQS CD Pictures on Mac Computers

I often receive requests for information on if, or how, the pictures on the MQS CD's may be viewed on  Macintosh computers.  Since he has a Mac and the MQS CD's from when they were first available, I asked Peter Masley (Woodchuck Run Quilting) to provide information on how owners with Mac's could view the pictures on the CD's.  Below are his comments:

Pictures on the Macintosh computers

First and foremost, there are no significant picture formats that cannot be viewed on an Apple Macintosh computer or older clone.  The Macintosh is a very significant computer in the graphic arts industry. JPEG (JPG), TIFF, GIF, BMP, PIC, EPS, PDF (Acrobat), etc all easily viewable on the Macintosh.  George Goumas usually uses a JPG format for the MQS show pictures and these can be viewed with programs as expensive as Adobe Photoshop to as ordinary as Microsoft Word.  While many programs can view/display these photos, there are some better programs that can display these photos in a slide show format with manual advance, automatic advance with transitions, and auto advance with transitions and music.  Looking at MQS quilts by opening one at a time would take a great deal of patience, so Iím going to give you some recommendations for software that can use to view them by slide show.

Second, you need to know if you are using OS 9 or OS X.  If you are using a system older than system 9, e.g. 8.6, youíll need to read the fine print at the software web sites.  I canít remember what works with system 8 anymore.  If you are still working in OS 9, think about upgrading to OS X if your computer will handle it.)

OS X (slide show viewers)

IPHOTO. You can import the MQS pictures into IPhoto.  This is a free photo program from Apple and either came preloaded with OS X or you can download it from the Apple site.  With this program, you can view pictures in a slide show format, add transitions, and musicÖ of all itís free.

CURATOR. This is a free program from Caffeine Software.  This is simply great software that you can use to display thumbnails of pictures in any file on your hard disk or ZIP, etc.  You can easily change the size of the thumbnails for quick or more detailed screening and you can easily start a slide show. This is wonderful software to quickly find that exact picture you were looking for amongst the 100ís of quilt pictures.  Did I mention that itís free.

I-View Media Pro. This is a low cost program that also comes free with many digital cameras (Nikon & Canon for two).  With it you can view pictures a variety of ways, and have slide shows with varying times of display and various transitions.  You can find it at:

Iíve been using this since OS 9 and it really has a lot of capabilities. You can download a trial version at the site above.

OS 9 (slide show viewers)

I-VIEW MEDIA PRO. You still can use I-View Media Pro (see above). I believe you can still download a version capable with system 8.6

GRAPHIC CONVERTER. I have not used this software in a while but it converts images to different formats and does have a slide show capability. Low-cost Shareware.  It will import photos in over 160 different formats (I didnít know there were even that many different types)

Q-PIC. I have not used this software but it is available for system 8.6 through OS-X according to ití s web site It states it does have slide show capability.

This is just a cursory list of some of the software that is out there. For the most part, itís software Iíve used and know will do the job for you. There are many other programs out there that will do the job for you. I hope this helps.

Peter Masley
Woodchuck Run Quilting


Last updated:  01/30/04