MQS Pictures & CD's

I started taking pictures of the quilts and people at the 1999 MQS.  After that show several people requested copies of the pictures and these were provided on Zip disks.  Since then the process has grown along with the show and the number of quilts entered.  The pictures are now provide on commemorative CD's with a graphical menu system and I've strived to make the CD's a easy to use as possible.  The MQS picture CD's are assembled for those in the machine quilting industry to use as motivation, enlightenment and capabilities of quilting possibilities using industrial quilting machines.

To view some of the pictures from MQS and on the CD's, click here.  If you are interested in the process behind the creation of the MQS CD's, click here .  This was an article I wrote for Marcia Stevens' Unlimited Possibilities newsletter

The CD's currently available are listed on the MQS CD Order Form.  These CD's are in a slideshow format and are designed to run on PC computers using a Windows operating system.  Some older computers and CD players may not be able to run the CD but an attempt was made to make these work with most newer computers.  Some that have MAC computers may be able to run the CD's if they have a PC emulation program.  But MAC users may also view the CD images using a number of image editing software programs.  Some of these programs also have slideshow programs so the images in each of the folder/directories on the CD may be viewed but they will not have access to the slideshow program menu system.  Click here for more info on viewing the pictures on a MAC.

Note:  IMQA, MQS and I retain the rights to these pictures and they may not be used for magazine articles, promotions, advertising, exhibits or any other commercial purposes without express written consent.  IMQA and MQS Inc. also retains the right of first publication and exclusive use for Machine Quilters Showcase advertising and promotions as set forth in the agreement signed by all quilt show entrants.

3/21/07:  After Marge's death due to cancer in 2004, I shut down our machine quilting business and I'm no longer involved in the industry.  However, I'm still selling my CD's made for the earlier shows.  My original stock of the CD's I made has been depleted but I still can burn copies from my masters for those that would like copies.  If you would like to order the CD's, print the MQS CD Order Form, fill it out (retain a copy for yourself) and mail it along with your check or money order to me at:
George Goumas
Hooked On Quilts
18838 S. Alfred Ave.
Cerritos, CA 90703
Questions - Email:

3/21/07:  Info on fix for the MQS 1999/2000 Revisited CD click here.


Last updated:  03/21/07