The Humbug & Honeydew Railway
Gn15 1

G-scale trains that operate on HO track

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15" gauge Porter Coronada


This little tea kettle began life as a Bachmann On30 Porter.  I always loved the way the original 20" gauge Coronada looked so I used drawings and images from Finescale Railroader to design my version.  I really like the proportions of the model and the level of detail I can achieve by building in 1:24 or larger scales.

Brookeville Cranberry Special


This is a model of Winky, the littlest Brookeville. This locomotive was used to harvest cranberries. It ran on sectional (snap) track. The prototype was designed for 18-36" gauge, this one was built for 15" gauge using a modeler's license. The power truck was given to me at a train show. The drive train was made in Yugoslavia, one axle powered, one floating. The unit was built from wood, structural plastic and brass. The engine components were harvested from a Lionel generator load. The interior is fully detailed complete with fuel tank, instruments, hand throttle and manual brakes. The figure is from SLM and was heavily modified to fit in the cab.

Herb Deeks Mine Tram


This was the first Gn15 kit I messed with. The model was cast in polyurethane resin. I added the frame extensions, corrugated metal (plastic) roof, exhaust stack, air tank, fuel tank and other details. It is one of the largest Gn15 locomotives around. It too has a Yugoslavian power truck that pulls quite well. The unit was painted with Accuflex Armour Yellow, details were painted with Tarnished Black, then dry brushed with Dirt and Rust Pollyscale paint.