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Steam Lokes 2
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Poey Chlorter


Please forgive me Ward Kimball-

I had purchased an LGB Chloe at one point only to find it too victorian in appearance to suit me. I repainted the unit in an effort to mask the circus-like colors of the original paint scheme only to find I had failed. Russ Reinberg had published an article about someone converting a Chloe into a Porteresque little critter. This was all the inspiration I needed. The saddle tank was built from .010, .020 and .060 sheet styrene. The cab from 1/32" plywood. The rest of the unit is Chloe. I created my own Porter from the Chloe, hence the name "Poey Chlorter".

2-4-0t with Fuel Tender


this was the first Bachmann Spectrum Locomotive I ever purchased. It is noisy when running and overall a pretty poor performer, but it has a lot of personality. For those who don't recognize its ancestory it began as a 2-4-2t. I chopped off the back of the cab and built a different front pilot. The tender was fashioned from a Hartland 2-axle flat car and parts from a New Brite tender. I added a steam generator and fire hose to give it a more woodsy appearance. I thought the front end needed a little something so I added the moose antlers. The loke is known on the H&H as "Bullwinkle".

10 ton Shay


This scratchbuilt Shay was started as a project to find use for some beautiful cylinder castings made by Ozark Miniatures. The cylinders were from the MM-901 kit for a steam winch. I built the lobed crankshaft engine from brass rod, structural shapes and gears from NWSL. The engine moves as if it were propelling the locomotive. The trucks were built using gears from an off-road racing vehicle. If the cast white metal gears could withstand the rigors of radio control entusiasts, then I didn't think they would mind running at low speed with minimal stress. The unit drives through the side gear with a surplus VCR motor driving the unit through a Grandt Line delrin chain. The unit runs quite smooth for a geared locomotive and definitely turns heads when running. The majority of the unit was built from wood and brass strap. The tool box with working lid was a request from my wife who likes operating details.