1What was an important reason for early American migration to Texas?
the desire to secure territory for the United States
the Roman Catholic character of the Mexican residents of Texas
the availability of cheap land for the planting of cotton
the belief that Texas was part of the Louisiana Purchase
the wish to aid the Mexicans in their efforts to overthrow Spanish rule

2Which of the following rivers was claimed by the United States in 1846 as its boundary with Mexico?
Rio Grande

3The slogan "Fifty-four forty or fight" was used in the U.S. in connection with
annexation of Texas
dispute over the Maine border
dispute over the Oregon border
the proclamation of the Bear Flag Republic in Sonoma, California
the battle of Chapultapec Heights

4An important result of the Mexican-American War was
annexation of Texas
statement of the Monroe Doctrine
contentment from the expansionist forces because of the Oregon Treaty
increased ill-will between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces
he addition of Florida to the U.S.

5Which of the following was not part of the Mexican-American War?
Battle of Buena Vista
strong opposition from New England
Battle of San Jacinto
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
U.S. Marine landing at Veracruz