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Single Family homes available at a fraction of their actual values


      With a properly executed Letter of Intent (LOI), a Proof of Funds (POF), and a non-circumvent agreement (NCND) we will begin the match making process.. Let us know what states you would like and what price ranges you are seeking for the homes.



Real Funding Solutions


      I would like to invest or fund a project....we may be able to help?


      If you accept credit cards and have a steady history of   credit card sales we may be able to help you with factoring funding.


      If you have an active lawsuit we have funds available to help pay the costs of the lawsuit.


      If you have a lawsuit settlement and don’t want to wait for the long term payments, we have funds available.


      We have found various funding sources to help Real Estate investors make money in Real Estate.


      If you own notes or judgments and want to raise money by selling the notes or judgments ...contact us...especially if you are a hard money lender.


      If you need funds to buy property and need a proof of funds for seller in the transaction...contact us....$50M maximum.


      If you need funds placed in escrow for your closing in the beginning of the process for up to 90 days...contact us...


      If you could use a $ 1 B POF. We have an investor who will make $1 B available to you immediately that can be verified by SWIFT. All you need is a contract, an exit buyer with cash and a contract with that exit buyer. If you have these three elements my investor will invest in the transaction, not the deal.


      If you are looking to finance a project and have good plan for its use and have a good exist plan within 1 to 4 years, perhaps you could use cash backed bank instruments...contact us....$10M minimum.


      If you have a large project that needs funding contact us as we are now an International Business Development Coordinator for a large firm.


      Private Placement Program Trades.


Available Now




      Direct to Fuel Buyers, such as JP 54,and D-2


Financial Instruments


      Direct to Financial Instrument Sellers, such as BGs, MTNs. We also have Exit Buyers for you.

Send us an email


      Earn $500.00 by providing us with leads of people who NEED to SELL their houses, condos or townhouses in any area, condition or price range.


      . Do you know of anyone who NEEDS to sell their home quickly?


      . Do you know of anyone who is behind on payments or facing



      . Do you know of anyone who is having a difficult time selling their



      . Do you know of anyone who is going through a divorce and

        NEEDS to sell their home FAST?


      . Do you know of anyone who has had a recent death in the family and would like     to sell quickly?


      Earn $500.00 by providing us with leads of those who WANT to BUY a house.


      . Do you know of anyone who WANTS to buy a home and has a down payment, but is unable to qualify for a traditional mortgage?


      . Do you know of anyone who is tired of renting and would like to start building equity in a home of their own?


      Keep your eyes and ears open, then call or email us with the lead

            and you will get paid after closing. You will have to complete a W-9.


      Your check will be mailed to your address.


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