Chakaruna Healing

Chakaruna Training

Training for local students is one day per week (Saturday), or two evenings a week (depending on students' needs), for eight or nine weeks, and includes receiving and learning to transmit the nine sacred Munay-Ki rites of the Q'ero shamans of Peru. Training for out-of-town students would be two days on weekends, once every four weeks.
Trainees receive the Medicine Wheel trainings, which clear and heal the energetic field of their luminous bodies, as well as severing their links with negative heritages from their physical family in this life and their links to negative past lives.
Trainees also learn to heal the human luminous body, to perform soul retrieval, extraction of intrusive energies, and other shamanic techniques, all of which originated far back in time in the lost Pacific civilization of Mu and have been safeguarded by the Q'ero shamans of Peru for thousands of years.
Those completing this training become full-mesa carriers.
Each training is limited to a maximum of ten students, so all apprentice shamans receive personal attention.
The shamanic training is available at this time for the very reasonable investment of only $785 for each of the four shamanic trainings, or $2,995 total if paid in advance.
If you are called to be a shaman in New Mexico or neighboring regions at this time, take advantage of this modestly priced training by George Schwimmer, PhD, who has been doing metaphysical work since 1978.

Ceramic Chakana
Ceramic Chakana

Brief Outline of Training
Work of the South
Sacred Space
Your wiracocha
Fire ceremony
Emotional transformation
Healer's Rite
Sand painting
Bands of Power
Harmony Rite
Seer Rite
Work of the West
Symbolic death
Using your perceptive states
Severing from your past
Daykeeper Rite
Karmic cleansing
Clearing energy intrusions
Wisdomkeeper Rite
Work of the North
Journeying to the Upper World
Earthkeeper Rite
Soul Retrieval
Starkeeper Rite
Work of the East
Death rites
Spirit flight
Creator Rite
For a more detailed description of the training, read Dr. Schwimmer's account of his own training in SHAMAN'S PATH: BECOMING A MODERN SHAMAN. (See link below.)


I am really excited and feeling passionate about being a shaman. It was wonderful to be in your presence and feel your passion about being a shaman too. It is a blessing, also, that I have your typed notes, to review and continue to learn and master each of the techniques and steps. It is a great resource. I am so grateful also for receiving the first five Munay-Ki Rites. They are powerful and forward moving. I feel connected at a very deep level to my lineage.

I want to thank you for the healing I received, as well. This is healing at the deepest soul level, and I feel incredibly lighter and have much more energy having done this powerful work. I also appreciate the psychic reading and your help with the spirit releasement, which was a huge healing for me, too.

So, thanks for your energy, patience, healing, stories, and teachings. They were all powerful, profound and life changing for me. Finally, thank you for the gift of your book about your son David, the Pi stone and the lineage stone. I will treasure all of these.

Ed M.

I was fortunate to be able to take the Laika Shaman training (as developed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo) from George Schwimmer. I first received the Munay-Ki Rites from him, and the power of the system and his facility with it impressed me.

While going through the full shaman training later, I received personal healing on many levels. The training also provided me with the tools to help others and, in the end, the transition to being a full mesa carrier and shaman.

As a teacher, George is so excellent because he really understands the wisdom teachings, and he provided a workbook of great notes that helped me in the learning process. His compassion and personality also contributed to making this an exceptional experience.

Kathie L.

SHAMAN'S PATH: Becoming A Modern Shaman

George Schwimmer, Ph.D.