Chakaruna Healing

 Chakaruna Healing


George Schwimmer, Ph.D.


This work is not for everyone. It is designed for those ready and willing to make whatever change is needed in their life.


It should be noted that there are no magic bullets, that the desired healing and transformation are normally not accomplished in one session, and that the actual healer is the seeker, not the guide.


It is the job of the guide to take the seeker down paths on which healing may occur, and to give the seeker needed assistance as s/he takes the next desired movement forward on his/her personal spiritual journey.


Shamanic healing


When most individuals think of shamans, they think of superstitious beliefs and practices of “primitive” peoples. When it comes to healing, they think of “witch doctors”. This is most unfortunate, as shamans and native healers know a great deal of the true human condition, about which “modern civilized” practitioners normally know nothing.


Dr. Schwimmer has been trained by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist and founder of The Four Winds Society, who has created a Westernized model of very ancient shamanic practices that were safeguarded by the Peruvian Q’ero Laikas ('wisdom seekers') for millenia. Dr. Villoldo believes that these practices date back a hundred thousand years or more. Dr. Schwimmer believes that these practices came from Mu (Lemuria), since the Q'ero call themselves "Children of the Sun" and the sun was the symbol of Mu. Col. James Churchward, after many years of field research concluded that people from Mu had migrated to Peru thousands of years ago. In any case, the Q'ero shamanic practices are some of the “mystery teachings” that writers going far back in time have mentioned. These include experiences that only can be experienced, not spoken of, as there is no framework or vocabulary to describe them verbally.


The bottom line for all of this work is that there is no such thing as “solid matter”, that everything is made up of various forms and structures of energy. Thus, the shamanic healing and transformation that takes place is accomplished with little or no story, words, images, etc., but takes place at the deepest energetic level.




1.  Illumination

The location of an issue (or just a feeling) is found in one of the seeker’s chakras, most commonly one of the lower three chakras. The affected chakra  is identified either with a pendulum or with muscle-testing. The chakra is opened, and a process of releasing trapped energies takes place. Heavy energies in the chakra of the seeker are cleared out, after which the shaman fills the cleared chakra with his/her own energy from the shaman’s eighth chakra (right above everyone’s head), then closes the affected chakra again. When this guide had his first illumination, he could perceive (with his eyes closed) what looked like a fine rain of bright drops of light falling on his body.


2. Soul Retrieval

Any severe trauma can create soul fragments, which fly off from the soul, often in the process of growing up, especially with child abuse. The soul fragment does not feel safe remaining with the soul, and somehow goes away somewhere. The shaman employs a process of finding/identifying the soul trauma (which may be seen just symbolically, not factually), of locating the soul fragment and asking it if it is willing to return to the soul (often it is not willing unless certain conditions are met by the seeker), asking the fragment what actions on the part of the seeker would be needed for the framgent to return, bringing the fragment back if it is ready, also bringing back a gift for the soul, and reintegrating the fragment and the soul, if it is an appropriate time to do so. A person missing a soul fragment may find it impossible to accomplish his or her life purpose, so this is a very critical matter.


3. Energy Extractions

This is a removal of attached spirits and other foreign energies. In this case, the spirits are removed energetically, without resorting to talking to a spirit or discussion of issues. Individuals may also have foreign energies in their luminous field which need to be extracted, like an energetic dagger left over from a past life, though often the energy can not be identified, but needs to be removed all the same, as it is intruding in the person’s energy field.


4. Levels of Perception

Most individuals, most of the time, are working at the serpent level (1st chakra), which deals primarily with survival. However, there are three higher levels that the shaman, and the seeker, can access, each level being more refined—those levels being the symbolic (jaguar), the mythic (eagle), and the energetic (Inca). Whereas a person can see no solution for a problem at the serpent level, s/he will find other and more refined and simpler ways of dealing with any problem by moving up this ladder of more refined possibilities. The shaman may employ this first for the seeker, then teach the seeker how to do it for herself. This process allows for much gentler and more creative solutions for any nagging issues, and can be used in daily life by merely shifting levels internally.


5. Dying and Death

Depending on the spiritual awareness of a dying person, as well as the individual's strength and level of physical consciousness, also the degree of desire for spiritual evolvement, there are a number of techniques that can be employed to both help persons make their transitions and to prepare for future spiritual evolution. Below are the most practical techniques that can be employed: 


1. Cleaning the chakras

2. Spirit Releasement

3. Soul retrieval

4. Clearing issues

5. Past-life clearing

6. Ancestor clearing

7. Reiki and visualization for pain control

8. Talk(s) with the higher self

9. Life review

10. Forgiveness and needed communication

11. Munay-Ki rites

12. Past-life death experiences

13. Future progression to coming transition

14. Progression to a future life

15. Practicing separation from body

16. Practicing soul flight

17. Loosening chakras (when ready)

18. Death spiral after final separation

19. Soul rescue for lost spirits


Other techniques are available, as the need arises.


Seekers can avail themselves of the Bands of Power. This is very good to give to any family member, including children, because of the rites’ protective qualities.


Seekers may also receive the extraordinary Munay-Ki rites, for which there is no charge (see the Munay-Ki page on this web site), though transportation costs for the shaman may need to provided. Individuals may also be trained to give the rites, for which there is a modest charge.

6. Distant Healing

All shamanic work, as well as Reiki healing, can be done at a distance, since time and space are no barrier to shamanic work, which can be very effective. Interested individuals may write for accounts of distant healing, which will be emailed to them by request.


Spirit Releasement


Everyone has heard, read, and seen films and TV programs about ghosts, spirit guides, and the spirits of the deceased, like the film Ghost. What most people are not aware of are the spirits of the deceased who attach themselves to the living. In the experience of this guide, these spirits are normally relatives, lovers, spouses, friends (from this and past lives), who have their own reasons for attaching, though they usually claim to be just trying to help the host. Often, also, frightened and confused spirits--killed trauma-

tically and not even realizing they are dead--attach to someone who feels “safe”.


Dr. Edith Fiore, a clinical psychologist—who was the first in the past thirty or so years to become aware of this phenomenon and work with hosts to release their attached spirits—stated prior to her retirement after more than twenty years of working with spirits that she believes that at one time or another virtually everyone has spirits attached to them.


This phenomenon has nothing to do with religion, and releasing these spirits has nothing to do with exorcism of “evil spirits.” These spirits are simply human beings who no longer have a physical body but for one reason or another have not been able to or seen fit to go into The Light.


Many situations facilitate spirit attachment, the most common being the use of any drugs, legal or not, including cigarettes and coffee, any type of physical or emotional trauma, including an operation or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, being in places where death occurs (hospitals, crime scenes), and so on. Any change in personality, habits, behaviors, thinking, or any sudden or unusual physical condition may very well be associated with one or more attached spirits. There normally are more than one spirit attached, on occasion up to a hundred, with some spirits attached to others, rather than the host. Some spirits actually are left over from previous lives.


A successful approach to spirit releasement is to engage the spirit(s) in conversation, through the host, who allows the spirits to use his/her vocal cords. Most individuals are able to do this, once they have been shifted to an alternate form of consciousness.


Spirits are gently and lovingly —often using humor— detached from their host, and guided into The Light, where departed loved ones or special spirit guides await them. There is no trauma involved in this for either host or spirit, although in some cases there is resistance from the spirit to leaving its host, and, as strange as it may seem, sometimes resistance by the host to releasing the spirit(s), especially spirits which have been with the host since childhood.


At a minimum, a spirit is using its host’s life energy, leaving the host with inadequate energy to create her life. At worst, the spirit is trying to dominate the host, mixing its desires, thoughts and emotions with those of the host, the host unaware of this, believing all thoughts, desires, and emotions to be her own, though sometimes a person will say, “I’m doing or thinking some things that don’t feel like me.”


After spirit releasement the client must make some adjustments to his/her life, since the spirit was acting for all practical purposes as part of the client’s personality. A young lady whose dead parents were attached and who were dictating her every move, had to after releasement take responsibility and control of her life. Had she not, she would have later attracted other similar spirits. So, again, removal of spirits is not a magic bullet but part of a process of awareness and effort and spiritual growth.

 Distant Healing
   A combination of shamanic illumination, Reiki, visualization healing, spirit releasement and soul retrieval, which has been a very effective healing modality for spiritual issues with physical manifestations, such as glaucoma and emphysema. Healing is furnished for a period of two weeks. Distance is no barrier. Fee based on person's ability to pay.


"Your work with me has been amazingly freeing and life changing. I feel strong, good, light...joyful. I have learned so much working with you and feel quite different: calmer, healthier, freer, and more empowered. Your help, expertise, and support have meant the world to me." Kathryn

"I seem to be in a new place. I am spending very comfortable days and nights. Can hardly tell I'm sick. Overall, this is a big change for the better, which I attribute directly to your help. Quality of life is quite good. From where I was to where I am is amazing." Randy

"I feel fantastic, better than ever. I feel at peace, like I have just birthed my true life, I feel complete self-acceptance. The best part is that I know my purpose. Thank you so much for all the work done on me, George. You helped me so much, it's been such a positive and life changing journey towards peace, purpose and healing. Thank you!!! God bless you." Diana.

"George. I just want to thank you for what you did for me. I have experienced a complete emotional frequency shift. For almost a year I had this underlying sense of impending doom which I could not shake. Yesterday my inner joy came back. The feeling of doom is gone. I am so honored and excited to connect with you. Thank you again. You are a true gift to the world." Joy



      Many ttached spirits do not want to be removed, and resist by whispering in the mind of the client that this is a waste of time, or dangerous, or any other thought designed to keep the client from first coming or then coming back. Some 'hide' or move around in the host's body. For this reason, it is best, if at all possible, to do all spirit releasement work in one session, once the client has come. In that way, other further work won’t be prevented by the attached spirits, as they have gone into The Light.


    Accounts of spirit releasement may be found in Dr. Schwimmer's book, Earthbound Spirits Are Attached To You at

Procedures and fees


A free half-hour in-person consultation is available for prospective clients by appointment.


A person desiring to do this work needs to make a commitment. 


One session will last from one to two hours normally. 


The standard fee is $100 an hour, but there is a sliding scale of fees for those with very limited means. Check, cash or PayPal only, no credit cards. Individuals normally require several  sessions.


The client must choose an objective, for without an objective, the work can’t be done. If necessary, the higher self of the client may be consulted about the proper goal.


It should be understood that an unresolved and unmet issue spanning a number of lives probably will not be resolved in one session. However, this guide—himself at one time having undergone traditional counseling with two traditional therapists for a year—can state unequivocally that this work gets far more positive results in just a tiny fraction of the time of traditional approaches.


The guide offers his time, training, experience, insight and wisdom in sessions, but specific results cannot be guaranteed.


Professional résumé


   Thirty-five years ago Dr. Schwimmer received extensive training in Past-Life Therapy from leading U.S. practitioners of the international Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy (APRT), becoming the first person to complete this training. He later was elected to APRT's board of directors for four years (serving as secretary and vice-president), was APRT's newsletter editor for three years, and was on the Advisory Board of APRT's Journal of Regression Therapy. 


    He also is a Usui Reiki Master healer and over the years studied other metaphysical modalities, such as chakra healing and Peruvian shamanism. He was trained in the use of the inner senses and higher consciousness at The Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, which resulted in his doing spiritual past-life readings for individuals for a period of five years. Dr. Schwimmer also obtained advanced instruction in the utilization of altered states of consciousness at The Monroe Institute in Virginia, for which he was an outreach trainer.


He has given lectures, seminars and workshops on Past-Life Therapy and Transformational Guidance at conventions of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the California Association for Counseling and Development, the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, The Brain and Mind Symposium, and New Zealand's New Spirit Festival 2000. He has held past-life recall workshops for the general public and has conducted professional training workshops in past-life therapy.  


Dr. Schwimmer is also a writer, and his first book, The Search For David, an account of his spiritual journey after the accidental death of his younger son, David, received raves from readers and reviewers. He has edited his son's writing, DAVID: leaves from the journal of a soul, which was published in November 2006. He has written more than forty articles on Transformational Guidance, past-life healing, and other metaphysical subjects, which were published in A.R.E.’s Venture Inward, The Journal of Regression Therapy, The APRT Newsletter, The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Newsletter, Link-Age, AHP Perspective, IONS: Noetic Sciences Review, and Whole Life Times. He has also written metaphysically themed screenplays, and has written and published fifteen eBooks on's Kindle platform. He  has directed, produced, and acted in numerous plays, taught theatre and directed at two colleges and a university, worked as VP of Development for a TV film producer, and recently produced an animated DVD for children of divorce, A Heart Full Of Love, which has been well-received. 



George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

George Schwimmer, Ph.D.