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George Schwimmer, Ph.D.

has received the Pampa Mesayoq, Alto Mesayoq, Kurak Akulleq, Ayni Karpay, Mosoq Karpay, Kawak, Hampuy and other Munay-Ki rites and transmissions, and is a full-mesa carrier

Mesa stones on Q'ero-woven mestana
Mesa stones on Q'ero-woven mestana

The Q’ero shamans of Peru have been the guardians of ancient knowledge of the inner worlds and the energetic realms for many hundreds, even thousands, of years. Although some consider the Q'ero to be the descendants of the Inka, Edgar Cayce said that they predate the Inka. People of Mu predate Atlanteans, and when it was understood that Mu would sink into the Pacific Ocean, people from Mu ("Children of the Sun"--which is what the Q'ero also call themselves) migrated to Peru, bringing with them the Golden Disc of the Sun (currently "lost"), which is usually identified with

the Inka, as they wound up possessing it. When the last land mass of Atlantis sank, around 10,500 B.C., and Atlanteans fled to South America, they found the settlers from Mu already well-established there.


Thus, the Q'ero shamanic practices may date back as much as 100,000 years, passed on orally from grandfather to grandson, grandmother to grand-daughter, safeguarded and maintained over all of this time. The Q'ero shamans were once called "Laika", which means "Wisdom Keepers," but the word was villified by those trying to destroy native spirituality, until  eventually "Laika" took on the meaning of "witch." The Q'ero shamans therefore currently call themselves "pacos." The word "Q'ero" is the same as "Kero", which means "vessel" or "container", so the Q'ero are containers of sacred knowledge.


There is evidence that immigrants from the lost continent of Mu brought with them their sacred rites, which eventually were guarded by the ancient Laika and the Q'ero. Interestingly, people from Mu also settled the U.S. Southwest, especially New Mexico and Arizona, and the Hopi are direct descendants of these immigrants.


When the Spaniards came and destroyed the Inka empire, c. 1532-35, the Q’ero retreated to barren areas high on their sacred mountains, up to 18,000 feet, in order to protect their knowledge and keep it pure. In 1959 they came down from the mountains, having determined that their knowledge and practices must now be made known and available to the West. (See also


Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. has studied and researched the Q’ero teachings in the field from the greatest of the modern Q’ero master shamans for almost thirty years, has become a master shaman himself, training with the Q'ero shamans, and has designed training for Western shamans, with the assistance of his mentor, Don Antonio Morales, and other highly evolved master shamans (see


Dr. Schwimmer has studied with Dr. Villoldo, and some of the shamanic practices he has learned and employs with clients are described in these pages.


pendulum and crystals
Pendulum and crystals on unqun

George Schwimmer, Ph.D.