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Jason, Elizabeth, John, & Hubbard

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NOTE: John B. Hill, in his History of Mason, NH, 1858, page 295, has mistakenly listed Richard RUSSELL as the ancestors of this RUSSELL family. In fact, the line goes like this: Jason4, Hubbard3, Jason2, William1. William was the immigrant ancestor and the line is clearly traced in the History of Cambridge, MA by L. Paige and supported by vital records.

Jason RUSSELL [4] , the son of Hubbard (or Hobart) RUSSELL [3] and Elizabeth DICKSON, is the father of the following RUSSELL families who settled in Mason, NH in the mid 1700s. He was born 25 January 1716/17 in Menotomy, MA.. Jason's father, Hubbard (1687-1726) was a soldier in the French and Indian War. Jason's mother, Elizabeth (1698-1784), was the daughter of John DICKSON and Margaret WINSHIP. Jason settled in Menotomy where he had a farm.

Jason married Elizabeth WINSHIP who was born 24 March 1720/1 in Cambridge, MA. Elizabeth was the daughter of John WINSHIP and Elizabeth WYETH..
They had 9 children: Jason, Elizabeth (died at age 7), John, Hubbard, Thomas, Noah (died at age 1), Elizabeth, Mary, and Noah.

Today Menotomy is the old name for Arlington in Middlesex, Co. MA. In 1775, Menotomy was part of the second parish of Cambridge and was located on the road to Lexington. April 19th was a particularly significant day in American history. Earlier that day, Paul Revere and William Dawes had passed by Jason's house on their famous rides to warn of the British attack. And a little later, British troops marched past Jason's house on their way to Lexington. Later in the day, the alarm arose announcing the British retreat from the battle at Lexington. They had to pass again on the road directly in front of Jason's house. Jason, who was 58 years old, sent his family to safety, declaring "An Englishman's house is his castle." In 1775, Jason's house was surrounded by fields and pastures. Jason Russell, Jabez Wyman, Jason Winship and other minutemen, hid in the yard waiting to ambush the British, unaware that another column of British were marching along the ridge behind the house. When the battle began, the minutemen were caught between the two British columns. A terrible battle took place in the yard of Jason Russell, and Jason, being lame, was the last to reach the house. He was bayoneted in his own doorway and eleven of the men were killed. Eight of the Minutemen escaped when they reached the cellar and threatened anyone who dared come down the stairs. Bullet holes can still be seen at Jason's home. Menotomy was the scene of one of the bloodiest battles on that first day of the American Revolution in 1775.

The house of Jason RUSSELL is a private museum maintained by the Arlington Historical Society in Arlington, MA, and is open to the public. Each year a reenactment of the battle is held on the lawn in front of the house. See the History of Cambridge, MA by L. Paige and the History of Arlington, MA by Benjamin & William Cutter for more information on Jason and his family.

ON APRIL 19, 1775

On Massachusetts Avenue, near Jason Street in Arlington, MA,
stands a stone tablet with the inscription as given above.

The following links will take you to additional information about Jason RUSSELL:
Arlington Historical Society Tour Jason Russell's house in Arlington, MA.
Massachusetts Historic Houses & Homes:

Four of Jason RUSSELL's nine children lived in Mason, NH. Their biographies are below.
Corrections and additions are welcomed.
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Jason RUSSELL [5] was born 7 March 1741 in Menotomy (Arlington), MA. He was the son of Jason RUSSELL and Elizabeth WINSHIP. He married on 28 Oct 1762 in Menotomy to Elizabeth LOCKE, daughter of Samuel LOCKE (1714-1775) and Deborah BUTTERFIELD (1716-1769). Their first three children (born in Menotomy) were Jason RUSSELL, Jonathan RUSSELL and Josiah RUSSELL. About 1768 he moved his family to Mason where 7 more children were born: Elizabeth RUSSELL, Samuel RUSSELL, Benjamin RUSSELL, Thomas RUSSELL (died at age 7), William RUSSELL, David RUSSELL and Thomas RUSSELL.

Jason's 7 year old son, Josiah, was staying with his grandfather in Menotomy at the time of the April 19th battle, but was whisked away by his grandmother just before the fighting. Later, Rev. Samuel Dana, of Groton, was dismissed as pastor because of his preaching loyalty to the British. Jason and his friend John Tarbell, so outraged by the preaching, slaughtered one of Rev. Dana's cows. To keep from being tried, Jason joined the army and fought in the American Revolution with Capt. Mann at Bunker Hill. It was said that during the war, his wife, Elizabeth, was such a good spinner and weaver and kept her husband so warmly clothed that Jason was able to do double duty during the winter at Valley Forge. Jason returned to Mason after the war. His wife, Elizabeth died 24 May 1789 in Mason at the age of 54. Jason's second marriage was on 8 Sept 1799 to Lydia LORING, the widow "Mrs. Lydia CHAMBERS". Lydia's first husband was Capt. William CHAMBERS. Jason died in Mason on 26 Sep 1825; he was 84.

Click here to view Jason's and his wife, Elizabeth's, tombstones.

Jason and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Jason RUSSELL [6]. Born on 2 Jun 1763 in Menotomy, MA. Jason died in Brighton, Somerset Co., ME on 8 Oct 1840; he was 77. Buried in York Cemetery. On 8 Nov 1786 when Jason was 23, he married Rebecca LANGHTON, in Norridgewock, Somerset Co., ME.

2. Jonathan RUSSELL [6]. Born on 8 Feb 1765 in Menotomy, MA. Jonathan died in Mason on 24 Oct 1828. On 21 Apr 1795 when Jonathan was 30, he married Hannah FLAGG, in Mason. Hannah died on 16 Jul 1842 in Mason. Jonathan's will names two children: Jonathan RUSSELL and Issac Fagg RUSSELL.

3. Josiah RUSSELL [6]. Born on 13 Jan 1767 in Menotomy, MA. Josiah died in Mason, Hillsborough Co.,NH on 27 Mar 1844; he was 77 and was buried in Mason. Josiah first married Eunice SANDERSON, daughter of Joseph SANDERSON. Born on 9 Nov 1770. Eunice died on 22 Jul 1836; she was 65.
They had the following children:
i. Eunice RUSSELL (1794-1835)
ii. Phebe RUSSELL (1796-1814)
iii. Dorcas RUSSELL (1798-1852) Dorcas married: William CARSON of Wilton on 6 April 1823
iv. Josiah RUSSELL (1799-1870)
v. Jonathan RUSSELL (1802-1882)
vi. Jason RUSSELL (1805-1839)
vii. Sally Jane RUSSELL (1809-1829)
Josiah second married

4. Elizabeth RUSSELL [6]. Born on 2 Jul 1769 in Mason (?). Elizabeth died in Mason on 12 Jul 1827; she was 58. Buried in Pole Hill Cemetery, Mason. On 25 Apr 1793 when Elizabeth was 23, she married Daniel HILL Jr. (See Daniel on the Mason Biographies page.) Click here to see Elizabeth and Daniel's tombstones.

5. Samuel RUSSELL [6]. Born on 4 Apr 1772 in Mason.

6. Benjamin RUSSELL [6]. Born on 2 Aug 1775. Benjamin died perhaps in Sharon, Hillsborough Co., NH aft 1844; he was 68.

7. Thomas RUSSELL [6]. Born on 2 Oct 1777 in Mason. Thomas died in Mason on 26 Feb 1785; he was 7.

8. William RUSSELL [6]. Born on 6 Oct 1779 in Mason. William died in Mason on 13 Dec 1849; he was 70. Buried in Mason.

9. David RUSSELL [6]. Born on 6 Mar 1782. David died on 27 Apr 1806; he was 24.

10. Thomas RUSSELL [6]. Born ca 1785. Thomas died in Mason on 31 Jul 1863; he was 78. Thomas married Mary -?-. born ca 1784 in Maine. Mary died in Mason on 23 Mar 1863; she was 79.

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Elizabeth RUSSELL [5] was born 3 July 1756 in Menotomy, MA. She was baptized 4 July 1756. She married Dea. Jotham WEBBER (1752-1824) on 13 March 1778 in Menotomy. She was admitted to Arlington Pct. church 30 Oct 1774.
Their children were:
i. Jotham WEBBER Born 24 Dec 1778.
Jason WEBBER Born 24 Dec 1780.
William WEBBER Born 18 July 1782.
John WEBBER Born 13 Jan 1785.

John RUSSELL [5] was born on 4 Aug 1746 in Menotomy (Arlington), Middlesex Co., MA. John died in Mason, on 15 Dec 1832; he was 86. On 31 Aug 1769, when John was 23, he married Ruhamah Frost, daughter of Capt. Ehpraim Frost Jr. & Mary Cutter, in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA. Ruhamah was born on 4 Nov 1749 in Cambridge, MA. Ruhamah died in Mason, in Jan 1837; she was 87. The John Russell house, built ca 1760, was located on Wilton Road in Mason and purchased by John in 1774.
According to the FROST GENEALOGY (undocumented), they had 7 known children: John, Ephraim, Anna and Jonathan (twins), Stephen, Amos, Martha and Betsey.
Stephen and Amos moved to Washington, NH and information can be found for them in the History of Washington, NH.
Calvin Whitney to share information on John and his family.

John Russell Jr. [6] Son of John5. John was born 5 Feb 1770 in Menotomy (Arlington), MA. On 8 Jul 1794 John married Lydia Blood, daughter of William BLOOD & Lucy FLETCHER, in Mason. Lydia was born on 8 Apr 1768 in Pepperell, Middlesex Co., MA. Lydia died on 5 Jul 1819 in Mason, at age 51.
They had the following children (possibly more):
i. John RUSSELL (1795-);
ii. Lydia RUSSELL (1796-);
iii. Nabby RUSSELL (1797-);
iv. Infant child (ca 1800-1800);
v. Infant child (ca 1804-1804);
vi. John RUSSELL (ca 1805-1806);
vii. Ruhanah RUSSELL (1807-)
viii. Atemus RUSSELL (ca 1813) Artemus died 8 Dec 1897 in Corning, Holt Co., Missouri. He was a tinsmith. He married twice, 1st to Deborah B. BUCKNAM (in Mason) and 2nd to Sarah / Mary Jane BUNTING (in Iowa).
Submitted by
R. Owings with additions submitted by Donna Marrs. Additions and corrections gratefully accepted.

Ephraim Russell [6] Son of John5. Ephraim was born in Menotomy (Arlington), MA, 23 June 1772. He is listed in the 1820 Mason, NH Federal Census. He married Sally ELLIOT in Mason on 30 June 1801. Known children are: Ephraim Jr., Sally, and Elias. Ephraim the father may have married a second time after Sally died 11 May 1814 in Mason. The 2nd marriage may have been to Permilla (Milly) ELIOTT in 1815. Their child may have been Martha Ann born in 1823.

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Hubbard RUSSELL [5] Born on 25 Mar 1748/1749 in Menotomy (Arlington), Middlesex Co., MA. Hubbard died in Mason on 6 Nov 1836; he was 88. On 26 May 1774 when Hubbard was 26, he married Sarah WARREN, in Weston, Middlesex Co., MA. Sarah was born ca 1753 and she died in Mason, on 25 Jan 1829; she was 76. Herbert Russell's house on Greenville Road, burned in 1917.
Their children were:

Nehemiah RUSSELL [6] - Born on 24 Sep 1775

Sarah RUSSELL [6] - Born on 13 Jun 1777

Abigail RUSSELL [6] - Born on 30 Jul 1779

Hubbert RUSSELL [6] - Born on 1 Aug 1781. On 23 Mar 1809 when Hubbert was 27, he first married Polly WOODS, in Mason. Born ca 1793. Polly died in Mason on 2 Sep 1825; she was 32. In Nov 1826 when Hubbert was 45, he second married Climena BROWN, in Mason. Hubbard died accidently in Ashburnham, MA, age 66 on 26 Jan. 1848. He was a farmer. Hubbert and Polly had the following children:
1. James Abbot RUSSELL (1809-)
2. Lucy Sahany RUSSELL (1811-)
3. Mary Wood RUSSELL (1813-1814)
4. Lucy Mary RUSSELL (1815-)

Isaac RUSSELL [6] - Born on 11 Jul 1783. Isaac died on 3 Aug 1783.

Polly RUSSELL [6] - Born on 19 Jun 1784

Isaac RUSSELL [6] - Born on 17 Feb 1787. Isaac married Mary H. -?- , born ca 1790 and died in Mason, on 9 Jan 1851 at 61. They had one known child: Isaac Sylvester RUSSELL (ca 1821- )

Lucy RUSSELL [6] - Born on 28 Feb 1789. Lucy died in Mason on 12 Mar 1810 at age 21.

Micah RUSSELL [6] - Born on 26 Apr 1791. Micah died in Mason of consumption on 7 Mar 1859 at age 67 [5]. On 7 May 1818 [4] when Micah was 27, he married Sally STRATTON (of New Ipswich), in Mason.
They had the following known children born in Mason:
... 1. Jerimiah Stratton RUSSELL ... b: 14 Feb. 1819 [2] bapt. 16 Sept. 1826 [1]
... 2. Alma RUSSELL ... b: 30 March 1822 [2] [3] bapt: 16 Sept 1826 [1]
... 3. Julian RUSSELL ... b: 7 May 1824 [2]
.........[note that Moses below also had a daughter named Julian born on the same date]
... 4. Daniel Augustus RUSSELL ... bapt: 16 Sept 1826 [1]
... 5. Almira RUSSELL ... bapt: 2 Sept 1831 [1]

[1] List of Baptisms in the Book of Records Belonging to the Church of Christ in Mason, NH began Oct. 13, 1772, located at the New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, NH, 285.8778G M412r 1772-50
[2] recorded in the Mason Town Records, State's Copy, 1758-1831 [LDS reel 0015221] on page 740
[3] Dr. Willis Johnson, of Mason, NH, Delivery Book, original found at the Mason Historical Society Room. Records recorded from 21 Sept 1807 through 2 April 1858.
[4] History of the Town of Mason, NH from the First Grant in 1749 to the Year 1858 , Hill, John B. 1858
[5] Proceedings at the Bicentenial Celebration of the One Hundreth Anniversary of Mason, NH, John B. Hill pub 1868

Moses RUSSELL [6] - Born on 2 Dec 1793. On 27 May 1819 [4] when Moses was 25, he married in Mason to Betsey DUNSTER , who was born ca 1777. Betsey died in Mason on 3 Nov 1855 when she was 78. Was she the daughter of Jason DUNSTER who moved to Mason in 1769 from Arlington, MA?
They had the following children born in Mason:
... 1. Josiah Dunster RUSSELL .... b: 20 Aug 1820 [2] [3] bapt: 16 Sept 1826 [1]
... 2. Julian or Julia Ann RUSSELL ....b: 7 May 1824 [2] [3]. bapt: 16 Sept 1826 [1]
.........[note that Micah above also had a daughter named Julian born on the same date]
... 3. Addison RUSSELL .... b: 27 June 1831 [2] bapt. 2 Sept. 1831 [1]
... 4. Eliza RUSSELL .... b: 16 Dec 1837 [2] bapt: 29 June 1838 [1]

It seems that Moses and Micah both had daughters on the same day so gave them the same name. This makes the records confusing. A Julian RUSSELL married a Henry H. SWAIN on 22 Sept 1842 in Mason. [4] but which Julian is this???

Since Addison and Eliza were born when Betsey was 54 and 60 respectively, which seems unlikely, could Addison and Eliza have been adopted or from a 2nd marriage? The two baptism records say they were the children of "Moses Russell and wife" Anyone have a clue to this mystery?

[1] List of Baptisms in the Book of Records Belonging to the Church of Christ in Mason, NH began Oct. 13, 1772, located at the New Hampshire Historical Society, Concord, NH, 285.8778G M412r 1772-50
[2] recorded in the Mason Town Records, State's Copy, 1758-1831 [LDS reel 0015221] on page 738
[3] Dr. Willis Johnson, of Mason, NH, Delivery Book, original found at the Mason Historical Society Room. Records recorded from 21 Sept 1807 through 2 April 1858.
[4] History of the Town of Mason, NH from the First Grant in 1749 to the Year 1858 , Hill, John B. 1858

Hannah RUSSELL [6].- Born on 14 Dec 1796. On 3 Jul 1827 when Hannah was 30, she married Samuel WHITING, in Mason.

Betsey Warren RUSSELL [6]. - Born on 16 Jun 1798. Betsey Warren died in Mason on 31 Jan 1820; she was 21.

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These RUSSELL families are submitted by R. Owings -- email: "" Sources: Hill: History of Mason, NH; Research by George Ely Russell; research by E.O. Jones; Mason Town Records; L. Paige: History of Cambridge, MA; Cutter: History of Arlington, MA. These families are still being researched. Additions & corrections are welcome. A complete list of sources is available upon request.

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